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18-10-09, 01:00 AM
It took longer to continue the story than I expected. Oh how the real world gets in the way of the fantasies...

Charlie stood in the bedroom with his phone in his hand drumming up courage to call the Gendarmerie. He had to tell them about this dead ManBoy in his bed. To not do so would aid a killer. By now Charlie had to admit that the guy had been strangled to death. But it would be hard to make that call. Questions. Why did you move him from the beach? Why is he in your bed? Little questions like that.

Charlie walked to the bar and dug out the bourbon. Turned out today was not going to be a good day for sobering up. When he walked back to the bed, ice and bourbon clinking, he had no phone. He pulled a chair over to the bed and sat beside ManBoy. He felt a need to talk the guy.

"Who killed you?" ManBoy did not answer, he only lay there with his mouth in a permanent "o," and his stiff dick sugared with dry sand.

"Was it a angry lover?" Perhaps ManBoy had cheated and payed the final price for it. If so, I bet the killer shot a load in you after you were gone. Unless it was a jilted girl lover. Sweet, the idea of a babe strangling a guy excited his as much as it repulsed him.

"A lover's husband?" If you were messing with a babe, maybe her old man did you, in which case he probably didn't rape you afterward. But why not? Prime stuff.

"Did you enjoy having your life choked out of you?" Angel lust was thought to be a dying man's excitement at the sight of a beautiful angel. Or did you just get off on being strangled to death. Your dick looks like you kinda liked it.

Thinking about the dead dick caused Charlie to put down his drink. He pulled a tissue from the box on his bed table, and used it to brush the fine, white sand from the corpse' penis. It fell on the guy, and tumbled to the sheet. A little work had removed the sand, except for a bit lodged in the mouth of the organ. Folding the tissue, Charlie made a kind of brush to work over that tiny, wonderful mouth.

When he was done he could see no more sand. He bent over the corpse, and put his mouth to the tip. First he kissed with gentle adoration. Then he licked the head of the penis like a child would savor ice cream. Then he took the whole organ in his mouth; it was just big enough to reach his throat. It felt odd, he gagged a little, even though it was smallish. He thought then of his friend Leonard, and the way Leonard had plugged his mouth, stuffed his throat, and then nearly drown him in a river of semen. They were 14 then, and just messing around.

Charlie sucked then, not expecting anything from the dead guy. To his surprise he tasted semen, not a Leonard tsunami, but a pretty, dead ManBoy's final drops. Mixed with a couple grains of sand. After using his mouth another minute or two he had to quit. Not because he didn't love the penis in his mouth, but because he needed a drink, and his own dick was painfully erect in his jeans. He simple took off his jeans then, and let his dick stand free, a drop of his own semen glistening at the tip.

He refilled the glass with whiskey and ice, then went to the bathroom to piss and try to clear his head.

18-10-09, 03:07 AM
You're doing great Jack! Very hot story.
Please keep it up.
Thank you.

22-10-09, 10:25 PM
Then he took the whole organ in his mouth; it was just big enough to reach his throat. It felt odd, he gagged a little

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