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With no pictures to share I thought I'd share a fantasy. Hope you enjoy.

The hangover was getting better, and Charlie realized he would live. He put his guitar down and stood. Enough music for a while, he would be ready to tour in two months - if he could stay off the drugs and limited the Jack Daniels intake.

First he took a leak, then he walked out onto the deck to look out on the sea. It was a fantastic day, with light breeze and not too much heat.

Then he saw the body floating in the shallows just below his steps. Floating face down, it was a woman, or a slight man or boy. No swim shorts, maybe a thong? Charles realized he had to try to save a life. He headed down the wooden steps three steps at a time. His mind, always atuned to publicity, played a headline, "Rehabing Rock Star Saves Drowning Swimmer."

Charlie rushed into the surf with his heart pounding, uncertain what he would find. The body, floating face down, was obviously naked, but it may not have been a woman after all. He grabbed the shoulders and pulled the person ashore, splashing and slipping in the sand. His own bare feet and the victim's toes left marks in the sand. When he was out of reach of the waves he flipped the smallish form over and dropped him on his back. Him! Charlie could see that clearly. The guy was not only was naked, he had an erection. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, Charlie plopped down beside the drowned young man and started to bang on his chest.

Why hadn't he learned how to do this shit? Pounding the chest was to start the heart, right? His fist caused the body to jiggle. Air. Water. Oh shit! Charlie decided he needed to get water out of the guy. Stopping to calm himself Charlie drew a huge, shuddering breath. As he did he looked at the guy spread on the sand in front of him.

The guy was maybe five feet five. Not a little boy, but not very old, Charles wondered if he was from the university. He was slim, almost girlish, and handsome. His mouth was open in a big O. Charles let his eyes drop to the guys cock. It was stiff, bent a bit toward the guy's stomach.

Looking up and down the beach, Charlie decided he was alone. He reached out hesitantly and touched the drowning victim's cock. Fondling it, he estimated it to be 4 inches long. Circumcized with a nice little "helmet." Not a fat prick either, slim like his mullato houseboy Eliott's wonderful uncut dick. Charlie wanted the cock so bad he almost forgot to breath.

"OK, I need to get water out of his lungs." Charlie reluctantly rolled ManBoy over and began to push on his back. He was the same temperature as the water. Not knowing what to do with the guy, Charlie just beat on his back for a while. Hopefully, Charlie rolled him back over. There may have been some water in the sand where ManBoy's mouth had been. There certainly was sand on ManBoy's face-and on the head of his cock. Ignoring the cock, as best he could, Charlie decided to blow air into the victim and pound his chest again.

As he cleaned the sand from the lips he saw something that he had not noticed. There were bruises on ManBoys throat. It started to dawn on Charlie that this fellow may not have drowned. He locked his mouth over the eager, open mouth and blew a huge breath into the guy while holding nostrils closed with his hand. Sure enough, ManBoy puffed up like a balloon, and released, he slowly deflated. Wheezing. Charles did the chest thumping until ManBoy was deflated. Then he did it again. And again. Over and over.

Charles about fainted from all the over breathing and excertion. In the end he just gave up.

He looked into the mouth of the dead guy. His tongue was fat and strange. And why was his mouth stuck in that odd open position. Charlie couldn't help but want to stick his already hard cock into that mouth.

After another look up and down the beach, Charlie scooped up his new dead friend and started up to his place.


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great stuff, keep it comming.