View Full Version : Remember Cathy? R.I.P !!!

10-10-09, 07:48 PM
We have just learnt that another CDG member has passed away - cut short in the prime of her life.

Cathy was a member of the early versions of CDG. She was necrophiliac and posted lots of dead men. I personaly very much enjoyed talking with her.

She was also on goreking. I wondered for months why she disappeared from the itnernet.


The CDG forum team is devastated by this tragic loss and we express our condolences to her family, friends, and those who simply new her as "Cathy" on internet boards.


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Human life is just.....short so enjoy every day, love your friends and your internet buddies because they can disappear suddently and abruptly and never come back.

10-10-09, 07:57 PM
My deep condolences for Kathy ... we never know what a new day may bring.

Joy or suffering, LIFE or DEATH. Such is the mystery of this journey here, this "pilgrimmage of life." A RUGGED JOURNEY, my friends...and NO ONE ESCAPES its ultimate passage from
life to death, NO ONE.

The reason many seek explanations for the "why" are we here?

And look to a Higher Purpose, a Greater Reason, a Higher Being for pupose, meaing and hope in a world where eveyrhing will ultamaely end AT the GRAVE.

We go our day by day lives, routines set in...but all around us, all the time, are
issues of LIFE and DEATH...for which some of struggle to understand, to explore and to find meaning in.

What a trip, this journey of LIFE really is !!!

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10-10-09, 08:22 PM
I wish I could something for her. Really bad feeling to lose a forum member. She had a great collection of pics of dead male.

I feel quilty, I flamed her at one point on another board.

Damn stupid me.


11-10-09, 01:20 AM
Did she call herself Cathygurl or Cathygirl? I remember. Didn't she post pics of a hottie she called dead Antonio, a sexy Mexican hunk with dark curly hair? She was great I'll miss her too. I kept asking her for more pics of Antonio. She was really pretty, any idea how she died?

11-10-09, 09:18 AM
May her spirit rest easily where it may reside.

She will be sorely missed by all those who loved her.

11-10-09, 09:36 AM
Did she call herself Cathygurl or Cathygirl?

That is correct, she was simply Cathy on UR then registered again after the forum went down initally as Cathygirl.

Really devastating feeling to lose such a fine posting forum member and she was also very young and a mom of two young kids.

I feel very sad. We will have a thread dedication about her soon.


I have no idea how she died.

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I hope she is in a better place, and her dreams have come true in the heavens.