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I get into one accident and u need to go to er so the emts come both women they attend to me on the ground where I can move and am hurt. they put me back into the ambulance strap me in do their job and they poke me and prow me in there by doing ivs in me, giving, me some medication to relax me, apply electrodes to me, ask me if my stomach hurts by pushing on it listening to my stomach her stethoscope, cutting off my shirt, while I am strapped down to aboard and I lay there looking up the emt lady says youíre going to be okay and u are on your way to the er and I looked at her and said to her please help me donít let me die, as that happens she said donít worry youíre going to be taken care of she was touching my forehead and rubbing it saying it was going to be okay. then I am talked to the whole trip into the er asking by her what happened, where it hurts what they are going to do to me in the er by the doctors, I feel the ambulance stop then the other emt lady opens the door to the rig and and then they roll me in the er doors laying there strapped down shirt cut off but pants still on then the emts roll me near the bed while the docs and nurses are near it and I as look up the nurses and docs are in scrubs, gowns mask and gloves on they asked the emts what happen they when they move me over, the emt ladies look at me and say youíre in good hands with the trauma team, I wanted to say could u stay with me but the the nurses start unstrapping me, cutting off my clothes, ivs in me doing this and that, while I lay there naked and nude I was scared and ready to jump up and leave and then then I look up and itís a women docs asking this and that what happen, where it hurts then I feel a nurse stick a needle in my growing area and I jump off the bed and they restrain me and then the doc tells me itís okay we going to help u then a nurse sticks a Foley catheter in me which was so painful one of the nurses starts to talk to me and tell me itís okay and you need that in you. and I feel her touching me down there doing this and I wanted to say ohh yeah nurse love that but I layed there looking at the doc and the other nurse said ur going to fine okay sweetie and that but the doc continues her exam of me naked and pushing on stomach and listening to my chest, while nurses do this and that and I lay here naked still nude and all of sudden I start to feel weird the nurse and doc ask questions then I start to gasp for air then they yell intubate him and they say automidate and sux I start To freak out a and move around while the ambu bag is on me and air is being pushed into me they struggle to hold me down and while the ambu bag is pushed against my face and air and one of the nurses squeeze air into me. and I feel the nurses holding me down and I feel the drugs go into me and I canít move and canít breathe anymore and I try to fight the drugs but canít I feel myself get drowsy and I remember looking around one nurse looks at me and say youíre going to sleep so we can breathe for u and I could feel her rubbing my forehead and saying it then I felt me just stop breathing and I am paralyzed then the doc intubates me while I lay there sedated and unconscious and naked still and she blows up the balloon in my throat then they listen to my lungs with her stethoscope and listen to the rest of my chest with her scope and then they continue this and that to me while I lay there sedated, paralyzed and being worked on. then I see a nurse gowned, gloved, masked say activity on the monitor then I loose my heart beat then they ambu bag me, pull the sheet of me naked there and they knee the bed where they cpr on me and ambu bag me too while nurses and doc cpr me give me this do that while I lay there nude and they are pumping on my chest I feel and see the nurses ambu bag me wile I lay there and my body is going up and down while they cpr me on the gurney and diffb me too And then one nurse masked gloved gowned put on pads on my chest, while doing this the other nurses and doc continues to resus me naked on the gurney intubated and sedated. and I seen her put the paddles on me and shock me and when they do I feel it and I twitch little bit and they stop cpr for a second say continue cpr and defibbes and they continue it couple time defibb me then they cpr on me too for a while the nurse is doing cpr on me, and then the doc says time of death and they stop cpr difibb and resus me, I lay there intubated sedated and canít move and they say time of death they stop and they take the ambu bag off the tube and the pads still on me they get a death kit and one nurse cleans me up, takeoff the pads and electrodes off me while I lay there nude intubated still the other nurse still dressed up continues to clean and wipe me off while they do that I lay there naked and I see them the two nurses look at me and say life cut short and they take off my gown near my below and Iím there naked and ready to moved away but the two nurses one rolls me over on my side and on nurse hold me on the side another slips the sheet under me and they both roll me back and position me on it and one nurse puts a toe tag on me and then the other ties my hands up near my testes and they start to wrap me up form feet up and then I feel one nurse take the liquid out of Foley and pull it out of me then when they do that I wanted to say ohh, yeah but I lay near dead naked intubated and being wrapped up they contine up and wrap me up and still intubated they wrap me up with the sheet then they nurse say I hear them take um down to the morgue I feel the gurney move downwards and then I hear doors open and rolled into a cold room, I was lifted and moved over to the cold morgue table and I was left there and then I heard the nurses say to the tech in the morgue, was a touch and go, try everything and but didnít make it, then I felt me being rolled down into another room and then I seen 2 techs in the morgue un wrap me and me laying there nude she was dress up in a blue gown, gloved up and masked too, they unwrap me and then they lifted me and moved me over to a table cold as u know what but they began to clean me up and ones says to the other one I see her walk near my face and they take out the et tube in me and they lay my arms out more and they take blood form from me, examine my outside and then a person walks up from the side and say is heís ready the techs say yeah doc heís ready I see it a women forensic doc she starts to touch me head chest down there below then the doc tells her tech roll him to the side other techs roll me to the side and I could feel the gown on me and her gloves on me holding me up so they grab me and roll me and the doctor examines me from behind touching my spine, doing this and that. then the tech roll me back over then one tech notices something near my testicles and she touches it with both of her gloved hands too. and they say doc look at this then this point I could feel the doc and tech start to feel it examine it lift it up, move it around and the doc say letís get a sample of the inside so I felt the tech and I looked over and I could see her grab me down there and they stick a tube into me and it felt just as worse as the foley in the er. and I could feel inside me and then some liquid flowed out and they pulled the tube out and then wiped me down there and and says good so she does what she does the women forensic doc does they start the other part of the exam. and as soon as sheís pau, the techs wipe me off cleaned me down and wipes down every part of me head, chest, testes, legs they roll me over wipe me down behind and one cleans inside my bottom area but she sticks her finger into it and then wipes it off after being rolled back over then one rolls me over and puts a sheet underneath me and then one eases me back down and positions me on the sheet then covers me up with the sheet naked and nude still from one side to the other wrapping me up moves me over to another gurney and rolls me away and then they roll me down a hall pass doors into a car then I am pulled out of the car and rolled into a small room and then I was in a cold room and no noise I felt me being moved over onto a table and sometime after that the sheet was unwrapped and I seen a lady in surgical gown, masked gloved up, say something to the other women embalmer tech and when she walked over she was masked gloved up and gowned up someone else came another lady tech and they lifted me over to the table and they blocked my head up the one started washing me down from top to bottom and when the bottom came she cleaned my tests and my peniuss they stuck stick in it and pulled it out and then wiped me down there with a cloth and when she did I was like oh yeah I could feel her glove against my scrotum area and sheís holding it and wiping it off and then the other lady dressed up said letís begin they did they stuff prepping me by making sure I laying there straight, arms moved to my side legs to the side too and I was like oh yeah in my mind, women in gowns, mask and gloved up touching me oh yeah. and then after I could see and feel them start to massage me from chest to the stomach area pushing on my stomach and then one touched me below and massaged it for little bit and my legs and when they finished they cleaned me up washing me down wiping me dry and as I lay there I canít move or say nothing but can feel them doing it to me and still gowned, mask and gloved they rolled me over and stuck tube into my back bottom and plugged me or something then back over she the tech cleaned me up from head to toe and when she was finish. I felt her dry me off and wipe me down there and I was moved over to a sheet, still naked nude too tagged and wrapped me up into a medical sheet and then zipped it up and they rolled me into a cold room naked nude and cleaned up.

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15-10-09, 02:17 AM
Thanks for the story, I like the massage part. I heard comatose people often know what's going on around them, like this story, except you're dead here.

15-10-09, 10:50 AM
The story is nice, but I suggest making chapters and also making the text a bit more readable with paragraphs and spaces between sections.

Now it is a big block of text, and that makes reading very tiring!

27-10-09, 08:04 AM
thanks for reply on story anyone else on replys.

27-10-09, 11:04 AM
Yes, try punctuation. It is a great invention, and would would greatly improve readabilty.


28-10-09, 05:50 AM
I agree. Find your <enter> key and use it. It makes nice, readable paragraphs. I gave up after the first 4 lines....

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I don't print much but i print this out for bedtime story.
I want cutedeadguys to open mortuary and hire me.