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22-09-09, 02:16 PM
Some of you may remember Stoyan Baltov, 20 from Sliven Bulgaria.

He was a student in Sofia and was murdered for no reason by drunken bums his age.

The entire nation rallied, with demonstrations virtually blocking the capital Sofia from morning to dusk for weeks on end.

Dude was very cute and played football.


I continue to research his case and today I found more crazy shit from his life.


Stoyan had a neighbour, 21-year-old Philip. He was cute and they grew up together, played football etc.

In 2006 Philip became very ill and was taken to hospital where he croaked from a heart condition.

Stoyan was so shocked, so devastated his mate was a corpse he cried for days.

He told his mom, "How can Philip die, he was only 21".

Little did he know that he will be naked at an autopsy table only 20.

Philip and Stoyan lived door to door and their obituaries now face each other.

23-09-09, 12:34 AM
Poor thing.
Maybe there souls are together now D:

23-09-09, 01:05 AM
What a sad story, I hope they have finally found peace.

23-09-09, 03:44 AM
RIP man.....

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16-04-16, 04:19 AM
Truly sad.

16-04-16, 03:47 PM
Perhaps he put himself into danger on purpose so he would not have to commit suicide? I have known people who committed suicde by letting their health go until the died. They just do not care any more. Yes, it is sad but I know from my childhood that there was one guy I would have cried and cried had he croaked and he was my next door neighbour. He did die at age 57 and if I look at it now, he was my life-long love.