View Full Version : Greetings and salutaations from The US of A

16-09-09, 11:34 PM
Hey there everybody.

Here's a yell from Enty, just to say I am dong great here and I am havin a great time with Arrow.
Chicagoland is great, been around and they have nice nature and beautiful lakes (well, only one lake)
I am taking alot of pictures, and they will be uploaded (but not all of them...of course...)

So we are off for now, going to figure out what to do and where to eat.

See you all maybe next week Tuesday!!

Your friend and world reporter,


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17-09-09, 03:27 AM
Bring us back some Chicago Pizza.

17-09-09, 05:42 AM
Come to Philly :D

17-09-09, 10:49 PM
Enjoy Chicago, I am sure Arrow is showing you a great time