View Full Version : Do you think how many people are sick like us.

05-11-08, 05:17 PM
Do you think how many people are sick like us.

How many people love male dead more alive man.

Hope it has more enough.
I want to have friend love dead man like me.

and it's best if he love dead of soldier as the most like me.

05-11-08, 05:46 PM
I think you have found the right place. Just post the pictures from your avatar and calm down a bit.

06-11-08, 12:35 AM
It's ok to be excited. I remember how excited I was to find the site. Just take a few breathes and enjoy. But I agree with Meatpie, let's see those pics.

06-11-08, 03:02 AM
So today I will post my collection.

Pls waitting a minute......

17-09-16, 08:15 PM
Not enough in my neighbourhood , that's how I ended up here. Just searched for gore sites to feel free for the 1st time of my life and then I found this site , got amazed instantly. Lots of great people here feeding my fantasies , best happening of virtual life :great:

18-09-16, 03:22 AM
I think worse.. Difference between fantasy and reality

18-09-16, 11:19 PM
more than We can imagine
Humans are full Of secrets And are surprising

Bloomdido Biff
19-09-16, 05:02 AM
Do you think how many people are sick like us.
How many people love male dead more alive man ...

I DO love the question, and general necro erotic attraction, regardless of whether people also like wet warm breathing ones. (Permanent vegetative state is an interesting "compromise"). It seems like a really hard thing to know -- what percentage of people have that. I actually find it _really_ hard to believe that MOST people aren't turned on by the sight of the intact (or whatever) naked remains of a human who they would otherwise have been totally attracted to in life. I mean, come on!

I'd love to take part in a study of necro eroticism. (I'm a primary, or "true" necrophiliac. For me, it's not about assaulting people to death, as such. Fantasy or victim-less scenarios only, of course. I've never had an actual necro erotic experience). It would be great to have more understanding of all of that. (I'd also love to be a filmed subject for "The Working Group on Human Asphyxia", but that's another story).

20-09-16, 10:59 AM
I think worse.. Difference between fantasy and reality

I agree with you. Corpse has its advantages. For myself, I suppose the feeling of having control and owning something turns me on, and you can never expect to get that feeling from a living person if not even trust him in the first place. Corpse never resists and you may have numerous of them, whereas sometimes relationship with just one person may drain you. Certainly, most of the people hate the smell and we cannot deny the fact that nature will eventually claim its property. So I guess it's only perfect for fantasy.

20-09-16, 11:11 AM
For the most of the people, I guess it should be an instinct to pull you from the dead, so I just see myself as someone whose that part of instinct is deactivated. Maybe there should be a public survey for how many, but imagine how weird it probably be, even for a psychology research.

22-09-16, 08:20 PM
There are definitely more than a few people into necrophilia, but there are even less with my extreme kink, which is to be burnt to death tied naked to a stake. The really sick thing about this, is I can totally see myself willingly walking to a stake nude for my own execution.

28-09-16, 06:00 AM
Definitely a few

10-10-16, 10:44 PM
these people https://www.google.ca/search?q=russian+deD+MAFIosi&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwii1LCimtHPAhUKthoKHQDYAf0Q_AUICCgB&biw=1173&bih=833#tbm=isch&q=russian+deaD+MAFIosi

13-07-19, 11:05 PM
Do you think how many people are sick like us.

Just because I love...
...to look at pics of dead young men
...to watch vids of men killing men, or men being killed
...dream of killing young men myself
...get hard when I see a pool of blood under a young man's head
...fantasize my own gory and painful death
...find a naked corpse more more sensual than a live naked man
...crave the taste of male flesh and warm blood
...write stories about killing, dismembering, and eating young men
...feel more in common with the CDG community than my local gay community
I am simply different. No better, no worse, than any other person. Comfortable within my skin. At peace with my soul.