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Pauls head and I

Recently, Islamic terrorists have been posting decapitation snuff videos of foreigners who were kidnapped and beheaded. Often they would show the head off like a trophy. One in particular was an older man named Paul Johnson Jr., a 49 year old man who was captured and beheaded in Saudi Arabia. He was bigger, had a gut, a double chin, and he wasnt what I would normally go for in someone but his beheading video really got to me in an erotic way. The terrorists kept his head and dumped his body somewhere remote, and police found it 30 days after he was killed. It was wrapped up in a plastic bag, and I guess they were planning on using it in another video to show it off like a trophy.

I was at work one day and I saw the story of the Saudis finding his head, and then later I went and looked at the pictures that were posted of him. His severed head looks so wonderful. Id give anything to have his head or one like his.

I went home that night and had the most wonderful dream.

In it, I was walking down a dusty hall way. I was naked, a bit cold, but I wasnt afraid. I could hear men speaking from a room at the end of the hall, talking in some language I couldnt understand.

Suddenly, there was the noise of doors slamming and all was quiet. I walked down the hall and opened the door upon what most would consider a gruesome sight.

On the floor was a decapitated body.

I approached the body. I felt the blood on my feet, coming up between my toes. It was a wonderful feeling, like liquid lust filling your body. I kneeled next to the body and my heart almost stopped with delight. Pauls head was still here! I picked him up by the hair and pressed my lips against his.

Suddenly, I felt like I was flying! My tongue probed and explored the inside of this decapitated head that would have been burned! His luscious lips and facial hair made it even better. I held him with both hands and kissed it so passionately. I was slobbering all over Paul that for a second it felt like he was kissing me back.
I dont know what happened next, but I was on the floor cuddling up against his body and kissing the head. His body felt soft, welcome. I felt his crotch and though he wasnt hard, I could tell that his wife must have been pleased! He had a large, flaccid cock. He was cut. For some reason that region felt dry, even through the cloth. I held the head with one hand and stripped his clothes down with the other.

My hand touched his chest, hairy! I love hairy men! I pulled the jumpsuit down and it slid off easily, revealing the hot body beneath. His gut was hairy, so was his pelvis area and legs. His feet were so cute! I wanted to suck on his toes while I fucked him!

This was going to be fun, I thought as my tongue explored Pauls head. Oh yes

I moved his head from my mouth to my crotch. I thrust my cock into the mouth, with the stiffness it felt like fucking from behind. My cock head was already wet with pre cum, and it slid around inside of his mouth as I pumped it in and out, in and out, in and out. My foreskin peeled back at his teeth, making it especially easy to fuck Pauls head.

I moaned as my cock head rubbed against the roof of his mouth. I held onto his head and fucked it harder and harder. The head was loose, different then what I was used to fucking. It went in easily and the mouth seemed to be sucking as the shaft went in and out. His hole seemed to be crying out to me as I satisfied my sick sexual urges.

I looked at his naked body, the head was gone and that made it especially sexy.

I moved myself near his limp dick and began to suck on it. I knew that it wouldnt get hard, but I sucked it and tongued that dick like it had the cure for cancer. My tongue snaked all over the head, up and down the shaft. I tasted sweat and manhood when I stuck his balls in my mouth.

I ran my hand through his beautiful hair as I fucked Pauls severed head. Id thrust harder and I could feel my cock slide out through his neck, pushing out pre cum and blood with it. The feeling of the roof of his mouth rubbing against the cock head was amazing, it made my ass quiver. If he were alive at that moment Id take him inside of me, have him fuck me hard and fill me full of his wonderful jizz.

My arms were tired so I stopped to rest for a bit, and Pauls head still hung on my cock. The hard on was long enough to where it could rest in his mouth without the head falling off.

I pulled him off and saw a line of cum going from the tip of my dick to his lips. Pre cum, it always tastes good.

Paul let me clean you off, I laughed as I started to lick the cum off of his lips. I began to kiss him again and went on kissing him for at least ten minutes. I could taste my pre cum in his mouth, tasted salty. I smelled my sweat on him, and I smelled him mixed with it and it made me super sexually charged. I began to tongue his ear and nibble on the lobe, and then from there I began to slowly lick every inch of that head. I dont know why, but sex with Paul Johnson Jrs severed head was quickly becoming my best sexual experience ever. Never before had I felt so sexually charged. My dick felt like it was a hot iron bar, I could feel my manhood brewing inside of my balls like lava getting ready to erupt.

I stopped for a sec to breathe, holding Pauls head close to my heart. I could feel it beating through the head.

Pauls naked, fat, headless body suddenly looked very appetizing. I felt another very strong urge, and I never regretted the next act.

I put Pauls ankles on my shoulders, his body was laying on his back. I felt down on the body and found it. No lube, so I spit into my hand and used some of the spilled blood. Dick was nice and slippery and it went inside easy.

I began fucking him slowly. I put one of his toes into my mouth and sucked on it while I gently pumped the body. I wanted someone to suck on my toes, so I stuck my foot into Pauls mouth. He was laying near the stomach. It was wet with my spit, precum, and blood. It felt like the head was still alive and it was pleasuring me.

The body was loose, like hed been fucked before. It wasnt like fucking a live person, the warmth that usually surrounds my cock wasnt as strong with Pauls body. Most of the warmth was coming from friction and my cock.

Being here with Paul Johnson Jr., the secret man of my dreams, and having sex with his dead body was the best feeling ever. I never ever had sex like I had with Paul, especially his head. Every time Id look at his head Id wanna start kissing him. I loved that head so much!

I could feel my balls working, nearing eruption. I pulled my foot out of Pauls mouth and grabbed him. I held him close to me and began French kissing the head, so passionately and slow. I loved this head so much!

I love you Paul, I love you, I kept whispering as I fucked the detached body and kissed the head. I love you Paul, I love you so much, Ill always love you,

Suddenly I could feel my cum about to burst. I pulled out and jacked my cock hard, placed the head by the cock. I climaxed and squirted cum all over Pauls face, inside his mouth, and all over his flaccid penis. I never spurt so much cum before, it came out in huge meaty spurts. The feeling of pure ecstasy was running through my entire being caused me to cry out and moan while I cummed on the head and body. I grabbed my cock, which was still hard, and rubbed the cum all over the head and the penis. It felt the best rubbing it across Pauls lips.
Suddenly I felt very tired. I crawled next to the body and pulled it close. I stuck my cock into the ass again and began a light pumping motion. I pulled the head closer and held it like a teddy bear and I fell asleep.

After awhile, I woke up. Pauls head was still with me. He looked like he was sleeping, I could see areas on his face and in his hair where the cum had fallen and dried. His hair was messier after having sex, and a bit dirtier. I smiled and kissed it again, I could taste my cum on his lips. Some of my cum from earlier collected in his mouth, and when I turned upward I could feel some of that cum slide into my mouth. I was sucking the cum out of the head, massaging his tongue with mine.

I turned over and looked to the corner of the room by the door. There was a table that had some knives and tools. A vice clamp was set up there, a very large one.

Lets play lover, I whispered to the head. I stuck my tongue in his mouth one more time and picked him up by the hair.

I put him right side up in the vice and tightened it to where he cant fall or move. The clamp itself pinched his head a bit, opening his mouth enough to fit my cock inside. I started kissing him again, getting the mouth completely wet.
My cock was rock hard again, I could feel cum building up again, boiling and getting ready to burst with fucking.

I stood up, still naked. My cock was sticking straight out, I could see it throbbing.
I moved forward and pushed my cock into the mouth. I could feel it a tad drier then before, but the foreskin was pushed back by his teeth and it made a natural means of aiding fucking. My cock slid in and out so easily, and the wetness made it extra sensitive.

I fucked the head nice and slow, and that magical head was making me crazy with lust. I would stay hard constantly when I think about it. I felt a huge amount of lust for this dead mans head, and I also felt love for it. Being with it, I truly loved the head. It was my friend, my man, someone who would never leave and say no. I could be perfectly happy without a man as long as I had Paul Johnson Jrs severed head. Its hard to describe how it makes me feel, but it made me wish for a second the head was alive, so he could hear me tell him that I love him.

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Nice....but the dood is ugly

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Most guys say that, and I really don't know what it is but for some reason that beheading video was the one that I always wanted to watch and his head for some reason had some hold over me. I think it was because I read on the news later that the police found the head in a freezer, but they never found his body. Makes me wonder what those terrorists did with his head when they had it, or why they kept it and not the body.

01-02-11, 10:39 PM
Nice....but the dood is ugly

Paul is a hot mature chubby man, many like his type,
I could say twins are ugly and boring but I wouldn't comment like that coz everybody got his own taste.

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I want Daniel Pearl!

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that was hot
made me cum

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Hot Pix JV yow! Lol! did you make those?

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Very carefully . . . pups struggle so much at times . . . hehe:aha:

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where did you get all those soldiers ?

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My Men stand guard duty outside the bunker as part of their deployment:stroke::load:

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They kept his frozen head in the refrigerator freezer right next to the Tater Tots. j/k
His executuoners said as an American he enjoyed a good life
Apparently working 50 weeks out the year for 40 years gets you a good life. Something they, al queda, would never do. Work

12-02-11, 04:54 AM
You do know that al-Qaeda was hatched by . . . ?

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Awesome,your dream turned me on a lot

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Hey, does anyone know why they didn't find his body?

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:hot: Awesome pics JV, your 2/2/11 series. I came screaming :load::load:

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nice story!!

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Hot story

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JV - You do have some great pics:)

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JV-I like the captions with your pic

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These are the best!

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