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08-09-09, 11:04 PM

“Now let’s have us some fun!” Kris shouted .

“First let’s deal with this fuck!” Dave said picking up a knife off the table. His penis stood straight, harder then a lead pipe. His heartbeat made his cock throb. He was uncut, but his erection was so huge the skin peeled back on it’s own.

Dave walked up to the guy who was strung up, he looked like he was barely alive. All of his flesh was bloody except two thin lines made from his tears on his cheeks. He wasn’t moving, his eyes were closed. A person can only take so much torment before they pass out, and clearly he reached his limit.

Kris picked the knife back up and slowly caressed the captive with the blade. He only moaned and barely moved. The knife got lower and Kris stabbed the guy hard, twisted the blade, and ripped it out.

The captive screamed in pain, then started coughing up blood.

Kris stabbed him again in the other side of his stomach, twisted the blade, and jerked it out. There were now two, horrible wounds in each side of him, both were leaking blood at a horrible rate.

Cory turned away, horrified and almost ready to vomit. Never before had he witnessed such violence from other people on apparently a perfect stranger.
Kris dropped the knife and went to the main control that was holding the chain and pressed a button. The captive dropped a few feet and dangled inches from his knees.

“Watch this fuck face!” Dave said grabbing the prisoner.

Dave grabbed the captive by his hair and thrust his body forward. The captive screamed as all 8 inches of hard, uncut Dave plunged into the deep stab wound. Blood gushed in a warm flood around his dick, it felt like having someone cum a gigantic load on his manhood. It was tight, like fucking a virgin, but the blood made excellent lube.

The captive screamed in agony as Dave fucked his wound. He fingered the captives asshole and sucked on his neck. Dave could clearly see that this man was in pain.

Dave thrust harder and harder, the captives screams becoming louder and louder. Dave stiffened up and let out a moan of ecstasy. He felt wonderful spasms of lust ripple through his body as he ejaculated.

He pulled out and his bloody dick was dripping with cum and blood, like a dagger. He rubbed some of the cum trapped on his foreskin on the wound, peeling back the skin so the head would poke into the wound just a bit.

They both stood up and went behind Cory’s point of view. He couldn’t hear much, something about gas and the saw but that was it. One of them went upstairs and came back down with something. He could smell gasoline, and then the next noise shattered any hope he had of escaping.

Some kind of motor roared to life, and Kris stepped in front of Cory holding the spinning saw blade inches from his face. The saw looked old and it sounded rusty, but it also had stained blood all over the blade and handle.

Kris screamed and went toward the captive with the saw. He swung the large blade like a sword at his thighs, and then he turned the motor up to full capacity. Blood and chunks of hostage were flying everywhere. A fine mist of blood splashed across Cory, who was screaming uncontrollably.

The captive screamed in agony and twitched as the saw slowly severed his legs. There was a loud thump as one of them fell to the ground lifelessly, and then there was more blood curdling sounds as the other leg was sliced off.

Finally, after several horrible minutes, the saw went through the other leg and it was soon silent.

“This is boring, let’s get to the good stuff!” Dave shouted.

“Good idea,” Kris said. He dropped the saw and turned to the table. He browsed among the tools and pulled out a large knife. “Let’s get ‘Al-Quedia’ on his ass!”

Both men stepped forward. Dave held the captive’s head and Kris stuck the knife into the hostage’s neck. The blade was so sharp it went into the neck like a warm knife into a cake of butter. He cut forward a bit, forced it, and then the knife tore through the flesh on his neck.

Blood sprayed across Cory’s face. He screamed in horror as he watched Kris slowly hack through the captive’s neck. Pieces of muscles, veins, tendons, and flesh all gave way to the 15 inch razor sharp buck knife.

Something happened, and Kris had to start hacking away at something where the remainder of the captive’s neck was. He hacked and hacked and then his head was gone.

Dave stumbled back, holding the head of the captive in his head. Cory opened his eyes in time to see Dave embrace the head and start kissing it passionately.

By now, Cory was crying. He cried when he saw the man murdered, but when he saw Dave on the floor shoving his cock into the heads mouth he fainted. The last thing he remembered was hearing Dave moan in ecstasy as the he skull fucked his new trophy.

When Cory came back to reality, he was again bound, but this time in a different position. Last time he could move somewhat, but this time he couldn’t move at all. His painful wrists were bound with razor wire and to move brought him agony. His neck was completely immobilized by something, whatever it was wouldn’t let him move his head at all.

He could hear someone moving around, he wasn’t sure who though.

“Please, whoever you are, let me go,” he begged.

“What?” someone answered. It was Kris.

“Kris, let me go… I won’t tell anyone….”

“Let you go?” Kris laughed. “Why? What did you do for me?”


“Shut the fuck up!” Kris snapped. “You got drunk and killed my niece Patty. You may have been acquitted in court but that doesn’t mean you’re going to escape justice,”

“Kris, that was years ago, I paid for my…”

“YOU DIDN’T PAY FOR SHIT!” Kris shouted.

“Please…. Let me…..”

“No, you’re almost paid up,” Kris said. Cory could feel him sit on his back thighs, he could feel Kris rubbing his uncut dick with blood from the ass wound. “After this then you’re paid up for ever,” he said jacking his dick.

“What are you doing?” Cory asked.

“Trust me, this will almost make things right,” Kris said. He grabbed Cory by the hair and pushed his cock head toward Cory’s tight asshole and shoved his dick inside.

Cory screamed in agony and humiliation as the fullness of Kris’ dick filled his asshole. He’d been fucked before, but never like this. His asshole felt like a raw, open wound and being fucked by this psycho made him think of Dave fucking the captives wound earlier.

Kris continued to fuck Cory until he was near cumming, and then when he was about to cum he pulled down a lever and the blade in the guillotine dropped. It weighed about 50 pounds and all of that steel cut through Cory’s neck like a scissors through paper.

Cory’s head fell onto the ground and rolled onto it’s side. Kris cummed hard inside the headless body and rolled over.

Kris felt avenged. He held the headless body close, enjoying it’s warmth as he caught his breath.

Upstairs, the door opened and a head came rolling down the stairs. It hit each step and struck the wall before rolling and coming to a rest by Kris’ bare, bloody feet.

“What’s going on sexy?” Dave called down the stairs.

“Finishing something,” Kris yelled back.

“Can I join?” Dave begged.

“Ok, get you’re ass down here,” Kris shouted. He pulled his dick out of the body’s ass and grabbed Cory’s head. His eyes were open, there was blood covering half of the face. His mouth hung open in that sexy manner that only a severed man head could.

Dave was still naked, and his dick was still rock hard. He came down the stairs, his dick swinging from side to side. He got to the head he just fucked and kicked it in the corner of the room.

Kris grabbed the head and started at it before kissing it. He pushed his tongue into the head’s mouth and massaged it’s tongue with his.

As he was making out with the head, Dave turned Kris over on his back and began to eat his ass. His tongue dug deep into his ass, making him moan like he never moaned before. Dave was also fingering the hole, prepping Kris for a good fucking.
Kris continued to kiss the head as Dave entered him. His cock filled Kris’ tight asshole so well, it was so perfect.

Kris nibbled on the head’s ears and then moved the head to his dick. He thrust his uncut cock into the heads mouth and slowly pumped as he was being pumped by Dave.

He pulled Dave close and they kissed as Cory’s head sucked Kris’ dick. His foreskin peeled back on the head’s teeth, and the sensation he felt as his cock head rubbed against the roof of the head’s mouth left him breathless.

Dave pulled out and slid his dick into the head’s mouth. Soon both of them were fucking it’s mouth, kissing each other. Both of them ran their fingers through the heads beautiful hair.

Kris pulled out and shoved his head into the neck of the head. Dave pushed his dick forward harder and their heads were rubbing together in Cory’s head. Both of them moaned and kissed sloppily as they gang raped Cory’s head.

It was soon too much and both of them pulled out and jacked off above the head. They kissed each other and soon they cummed enormous, meaty spurts onto the head.

Dave began to kiss the head, and Kris forced his way in there and soon they were both kissing the head, sucking their cum out of the mouth.

Both killers, exhausted from their night of rampaging, held each other and passed out on the floor. By their feet, Cory’s head rested.

Revenge never tasted so sweet.