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This is a story about revenge. Two lovers make someone pay, and they have a blast doing it. Lots of violence and decap

It was very cold outside, probably the coldest night of the year. The stars were frozen diamond chips in the clear sky, the moon a cold rind in the western sky. No noise in the streets, except for a single vehicle coming down the road.

The timing was right for murder. Kris and Dave were both nervous, but they knew there was no going back now. The home made napalm was ready, the AK-47 fully loaded, the lock box in the back was very secure and the equipment at the shack was set up.

“Are you sure you want to do this Kris?” David asked while he put bullets into his .38 magnum.

“This is about justice,” Kris said. He thought back to a certain day in court, the acquittal, and the suicide of his brother.

The truck pulled up in front of a house on the corner of the street, cutting it’s lights and engine at once. Dave put a ski mask over his handsome face and gloves on before exiting. Kris loved the way Dave looked tonight, and when they got home he was sure they would make love for hours. Both men were lovers for nearly four years, and together they did many fiendish things but nothing like this before.

Dave reached into the back of the pick up and pulled out a can of gasoline and went around to the drivers side. Kris rolled down the window and gave him a brief kiss, then Dave went to work on the house.

He popped the cap off the can and began splashing gas on the sides of the house, paying particularly close attention to the windows and the back door. It was very late and very cold, the dogs weren’t even barking. The bar closed an hour ago, and they would all be inside passed out.

He wasn’t greedy with the gasoline. He went back to the truck and got another can when he ran out, and soon every exit was completely covered with gasoline with the exception of the front door.

Kris stuffed the oily rags into the bottles. The napalm was very thick and sticky and he made sure to not leave any prints or let any of that stuff touch him. When it burns, it burns. Five firebombs, five windows, one escape route.

It was time.

They stood in front of the house by the main window. Dave held one of the bombs while Kris fumbled out his lighter. He sparked it and touched the rag, and it instantly ignited.

Dave smiled evily as the flames danced under his face. He turned to the house and threw the bottle through one of the glass panes. A bright fire exploded in the living room and all over the walls was the sticky, flammable stuff.

This action was quickly repeated at three of the other windows. On the third explosion, the gasoline that doused the outside ignited and soon the house was a blazing inferno. The fire burned so full and bright that the -14 degree weather wasn’t noticeable. Heat from the fire forced them to part B of their plan a little early.

Kris grabbed his AK-47 and stood in front of the only way out of the fire. Already screams and cries of agony could be heard through the crackling of the cheap house burning in intense heat. He took turned the safety off and aimed at the front door.

It was at least a minute before the people inside the house knew the only way out of the fire was the front door.

He wasn’t sure who it was who first opened the door, he never seen her face before. Didn’t matter though.

The front door flew open and the woman came running out, she was on fire and screaming. Kris squeezed the trigger and put six bullets in her brain in less than a second. Blood from the woman splattered against the burning wall, and he could see brain matter fly into the flames as the woman fell dead, still burning.

Another man came running out, and again Kris put several rounds into the guy’s chest. He fell back into the flaming house, blood splattered across a part of unburnt wall. Kris could see he was twitching, that made him laugh. Twitchers were always the funniest.

Kris walked closer to the house and through the thick, black smoke and the flames he could see the man he came here for, Cory. He looked terrified, curled up back just out of reach from the flames. He was in just his underwear. Cory looked up at Kris, who had a very big smile.

“Come on Cory, it’s time,” Kris said.

“Please, don’t kill me,” Cory said. There was an explosion under the house and a part of the roof cave in, making the flames roar higher and hotter then ever.

“Well you can die in there or you can come with us,” Kris said. “But you don’t have much time, make a choice,”

Cory looked down at the two dead people, blood was pooling on the floor. He closed his eyes and slowly stood up and stepped forward, trying to avoid touching the body. Blood, which was coagulating from the heat, oozed up between bare feet. A chunk of something sharp, probably a skull piece, poked the tender skin between his toes.

He stepped out of the blazing house virtually unharmed, hands high above his head. His body was perfectly sculpted, and the light from the fire highlighted his chiseled pecks. It was cold out, but his huge, uncut dick could be seen through his tight shorts.

“Well ain’t you as every bit as pretty as I heard,” Dave laughed. Cory stood barefoot and half naked on the frozen sidewalk, staring at both of the men terrified.

“Let’s get going before the cops show up,” Kris said lowering his gun.

Dave grabbed Cory in a wrist lock and turned his hands behind his back and cuffed him. He put a piece of duct tape over his mouth and carried him over his shoulder to the truck. Kris unlocked the box and Dave slammed Cory inside. He hit his head and slipped into blackness. Before he went out, he could see the two men who were taking him kissing each other.

It is unclear what happened, but Cory came to inside of a makeshift cage. His fuzzy vision adjusted to the dim light, and he was vaguely aware of his surroundings.

The cage was made from flimsy wood and welded pieces of fencing and barb wire. Razor wire lined the outside of the cage, and the only way to unlock it was outside.

Cory tried to move but couldn’t, his hands and ankles were bound. It was duct tape, and it was very strong. His mouth was gagged with tape, and the limited space in the cage only let him sit up, not much more.

He looked through the wires and could see his surroundings. There was a guillotine, and it looked like it had been used recently, a head was in the basket. He didn’t know who it was, all he could see was the bloodied blonde hair.
Blood was everywhere, fresh and dried.

There was a large table, a vice clamp with another head, this one of a young man. Fresh blood and some other white stuff covered the head. It’s eyes were half open, and it’s mouth hung open and it’s tongue was sticking out, hair all messed up. A severed penis could clearly be seen, someone stuffed it into its mouth. A dribble of something that looked like cum hung out of it’s mouth.

On the wall, a naked man’s headless body hung upside down. Blood collected into a large tub beneath it. His genitalia was hacked off, and he could see several deep lacerations on the chest of the body.

He looked near the fire, and he could see a bed covered in blood and several heads laying on their sides on the floor. All of them looked messy, all of them looked like they were defiled in sick, unimaginable ways.


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Where is the next part of the story?