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18-08-09, 11:24 AM
Post info about prominent forensic experts from your country.

Meet Dr. Mileva - the Bulgarian version of Dr. G.

She is a forensic expert in the Black Sea city of Burgas, which has one of the busiest morgues in the Balkans.

Hudreds die every summer in car wrecks, drowning and other accidents.

She often complains she can't autopsy all corpses and they don't know where to put them as sometimes up to six people drown at a time.

The Black Sea is a like a pool compared with the oceans but is treacherous: The surface water is very warm but cold underwater currents can be so strong they are known to have dragged many out to sea where they drown.

The Black Sea is a dead sea as there is no upwelling and under a few metres everything is dead because there is no oxygen in the deeper water.

Large quantities of methane are found at its bottom.

Yesterday only, four men drowned.

Anyway, Dr. Mileva recently moved to a brand new morgue, clean unlike the horrific basement of the morgue in Sofia full of melting rotters.

They have new fridges.

I would love to work there but I don't know anyone from the area who can get me a job there.

I want to work in a morgue.

She how evil she looks, she has autopsied many young guys and often comments on them, "Very unfortunate. He was such a fine young man but his head was totally destroyed," she said about a dude that got shot in the head by a drunk friend.

Her necro words were stuck in my memory.

My dream is to work in a clean morgue, busy with lot of hot young men who drowned at the beach.


30-08-09, 02:34 PM
Mark Bennecke


pretty cute guy, he is a biologist working as a freelancer in forensics.

He is close to the gothic scene and has written some true crime books in german.

30-08-09, 02:46 PM