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26-10-13, 04:15 AM

The current version of CDG first went online in October 2008 and it's our offical birthday but as some of you know our history goes way back to 2006 when CDG was first launched as deadboy's personal blog on tripod.

Every year around this time I feel sad that we lost nanaimo in most ridicilous manner, I still carry fond memories of those first crazy days we spent together when CDG was just a baby and honestly there were only 10 members posting on the forum but we were all absolutely active, posting like crazy and we had immense crazy and intense fun that I have never experienced on any other website ever since.

I miss you Eric, years have gone by and I still miss you....I remember our chats, remember your funny emails like it was yesterday.

I wish you could see CDG today dude, I dedicate this entire website in his memory and will carry a part of him in me until my dying day.

And even after my croak I hope this post stays on the internet and people read and remember a dude called nanaimo who was the most fun-loving guy I have ever met, a ball full of life...

...and on day decided to shoot himself because his bro found out he was into dead guys and started to bully him.


He sent me an email "Meatpie, you will never hear from me again but I want you to know I love you etc etc don't feel sad"

My hand froze and I couldn't move the scroll wheel.

26-10-13, 11:45 AM
That's terrible! I knew you thought he had killed himself, didn't know that detail. I rembmber him well, seemed a really nice guy.
And happy birthday cdg, glad we're still here and flourishing!

26-10-13, 11:52 AM
Happy birthday CDG :Birthday Cake:

Sorry to hear about Nanaimo :RIP:

26-10-13, 05:06 PM
Happy Birthday also. Please express my condolences.

26-10-13, 08:45 PM
who could forget Nanaimo, he was super, great memories.
Time goes so fast. tooo fast...

26-10-13, 09:08 PM
Glad to see so many of you still remember him. He posted so many awesome pics, I still have them saved.

27-10-13, 03:03 AM
Happy Birthday CDG!

30-10-13, 06:48 PM

01-11-13, 05:37 AM
happy belated birthday