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13-08-09, 08:30 PM
Hi guys.

I went mountain biking today and went to the zoo...out of boredom and I needed to be away from home for a bit.

It was hot so I went for the shade and to drink some water.

Then all of a sudden a fat 40-year-old comes up to me and says "hi".

"Whats your name?"

I didn't say at first.

He chatted me up.

Small talk shit like unemployment and jobs.

The he said, "You look like a really nice guy, and very intelligent, this is my card call me and we can have a drink together".

Then he darted off and got in the car with his wife.


His card said he worked as a sales manager in construction company specializing in pools!

:sm (20):

I didn't know how to react.

He asked for my cell and I gave it to him.

Jesus how could I be so stupid.

If mom finds out she will kill me.

She has warned me many times not to talk to any strangers.

Whats even more insane is that he said he worked in Slovenia and knows Maribor where Opasan is from.

lol :sm (31):

I immediately thought of him and said, "Oh I know where that is".

How would you react in my place?

I am such a retard, why the fuck did I give him my number.

He was old and had a big belly. :sm (30):

:sm (41):

13-08-09, 08:41 PM
Maybe he was looking for a pool boy...lol
but indeed yes....why did you give him his number?
should a similar situation occur again, take the card and tell that person you will contact them.....but I'm sure you're a big grown up guy now who can handle things like these on your own....should he call for whatever reason you can always thank him for his interest but that you have changed your mind about having a drink with him....

13-08-09, 08:44 PM
Maybe his gaydar caught you and he thought you were cute.

Same thing kinda happened to me a while back.

I actually became friends with him though and he helps me out when I need it cuz he got nothing else to do. But yeah he's gay and probably has perversion behind his motives but I'm not worried of it it, cuz I can handle myself. Some old guys are just lonely and want a cute young'n to talk to.

Who knows, maybe he can help you find a job. :)

13-08-09, 08:46 PM
Problem is I think I am smart, grown-up and experienced while in fact my retarded actions shows I am none of that.

He flattered me, and made me trust him so I just gave him my cell...

Hasn't called yet but I regret what I did.

There are all kinds of people, who knows what he is up to.

Who knows, maybe he can help you find a job. :)

He said his business is failing, money is not enough and he is worried they are gonna lay him off.

13-08-09, 08:50 PM
it's not a retarded action.....you react on impulse, without thinking atm....happens to the lots of us.....

13-08-09, 08:56 PM
Problem is I have become lonely and need someone to talk to.

So when someone friendly chats me up I talk to them out of boredom.

I lost my friends.

I used to go to clubs and bars every night when I had more money.

But all got fucked up so quickly when I broke up with my boyfriend.

Its a long story but you get the point.

All people want is money.

My ex exploited me for money.

He was absolutely cute, really sweet and I gave him money for a taxi, food, fucking beer even.

Now look what I have come to....talking to fat old dudes and giving them my number.

its a sad story really

13-08-09, 09:15 PM
Not all guys are selfish and fucked up though. My bf hasn't even found a job yet after being layed off and he never even asks me for money cuz he knows I don't have much and we just enjoy the poor life together, lol. He's still looking for a job though.

Just keep dating, meet some guys from online and get to know them before going serious and deep raping his ass till it drips cum from it like you always do.

If this fatty wants to be friends then gofor it, just don't trust him so much and go to some creepy place with him or something dumb like that or he might rape and eat you.

But really, the world is so full or loners, everyone keeps to themselves. It's sad that you can't be nice to a stranger without scaring them. But that's just how it is.

13-08-09, 09:27 PM
I would shag the fucking fattie for money, I am so hard-up.

13-08-09, 10:07 PM
Well. I wouldn't go against that and say not to. Cuz it honestly is an easy way to make money. But I suggest using condoms and to not make it so obivious. Like never outright ask for money. Basicly create a way to get money for it making it look more innocent and not so prostitution-ish.... Like accepting it as a gift that had nothing to do with the sex part. :) Up to you to think of something if you go that route. Anything to make it look as little illegal as possible.

But depending on his motive being that and the level of loneliness you may get money and stuff out of him w/o having to have sex.

14-08-09, 12:19 AM

21-08-09, 04:07 AM
you don't need friends, most times they end up being a-holes.

22-08-09, 12:00 AM
Then you picked the wrong friends. I have friends I've grew up with and still hang out with who've never betrayed my trust or been a-holes.

22-08-09, 01:37 AM
Then you picked the wrong friends. I have friends I've grew up with and still hang out with who've never betrayed my trust or been a-holes.
your lucky all my so called friends have stolen, lied and taken advantage of me. i've learned my lesson. TRUST NO ONE