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10-08-09, 01:37 PM
str8 dudes fap to this?

:sm (20):

Why are girls so disgusting and how can str8 guys get a boner from this vid?

Just read the fucking comments on the right.

Dudes are talking about "cummin" to this vid.

CLICK HERE. (http://theync.com/media.php?name=11086-epileptic-seizure)

10-08-09, 02:19 PM
You got me, PieMan.

To me, there is nothing as perfect in shape, spriit, looks and scent as a prime, scruffy faced, toned n' agile man.

Nothing comes close, the most perfect form in the living kingdom. And the keen ability to enjoy it all with our manTHROBBIN' pieces.

IT is a true mystery to me....to see guys fuck some skirt is so disgusting, all that prime wasted seed on some boobs n' lipstick just makes me sick.

And talk about PORN, now that strikes me as TOTAL PORN...and this "cunt fucking" lust of guys n' WOEmen, so abysmal and perverse,

To each their own, I guess...but for certain, I JUST DON'T GET the ATTRACTION at all.

Now don't get me wrong...females can be very kind, gentle, soothing....and make great nurses and helpers. But to want to fuck them n' all, just NO WAY.

Give me a hot STUD any day, OH YAAAH !

BUT...a WOEman to SCREW......ahhh, thanks BUT no THANKS !!!

I just don't GET IT !

OH .. and to be quite frank, I find BOOBS ... UGLY as UGLY can BE !
THEM ba-BOOBS is so UGLY .... they SCARES me, yah, yous guys,
BIG, HUGE KNOCKER WOEman ba-BOOBS cummin' at me.....OH MY GAWD ...

I GOTTA GET OUTTA HERE na-NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH ..... OH..... ha-HELP me, yous GUYS !!

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10-08-09, 02:27 PM
How do "normal" guys get a boner from a pussy?

10-08-09, 02:30 PM
How do "normal" guys get a boner from a pussy?

I don't know, PieMan....that pussy is sooo gross...n' what 'bout them big, bouncy ba-BOOBS a bloobin' their way over ta yous !!

SOS, ha-HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10-08-09, 02:37 PM
:sm (20):

Why are girls so disgusting and how can str8 guys fap to this?

How can you get a boner from this vid? Just read the fucking comments on the right.

Dudes are talking about "cummin" to this vid.

CLICK HERE. (http://theync.com/media.php?name=11086-epileptic-seizure)

Everyone is different. It is what makes the world go round. People could ask you the same question with regard to your preference for guys - live and/or dead - and other fetishes. Some straight folks see sex between two individuals of the same gender as disgusting and vulgar. The way we were made, males must have sex with females to continue the species. If humans were able to reproduce asexually or like some species in the animal world where the male comes in and does his thing after the female has laid her eggs and intercourse is not necessary, then this would be a non-issue. To me, whatever floats your boat, turns your crank and/or makes you happy is what you should do. The typical straight male thinks with the smaller of his two heads. If he can dip his wick into anything and everything he can get his hand on that is female, it is another notch on his belt. It is more a game of conquest than anything productive. They keep a tally just as prisoners count and mark the days on their cell walls. Some even go as far as to keep souvenirs of their adventures so as to add to their ability to brag to their friends. If people would simply realize that we are all human and are looking for the same things: love, companionship, intimacy, a sense of fulfillment and belonging; this world would be much better off. Some are able to find it in traditional ways with those of the opposite gender, some turn to the same gender, and some turn to both genders to find what they need. It is all a matter of personal preference and who are we to judge?!. :sm (20):

10-08-09, 02:53 PM
I am utterly confused.

Maybe thats why my dad hates me so much. He wants me to drool after pussy but I don't.

I just can't. I better die than put my cock into a warm, wet snatch.

There were huge threads on snuffx about this same age old divide between gay and "normal".

I don't think any pills, any therapy can make me start liking pussy.

How can guys eat this, I mean its disgusting licking a woman's vagina.

Two years ago I was at a Black Sea resort.

I bitch said I was very cute and she likes me and is ready to dump her boyfriend for me, she has been with him for five years.

I have fucked many guys before that...but was bored and though, "Oh, OKAY, I will give it a try".

So she and her female friend went to the showers on a bitch and watched them stark naked inside.

To tell you friends, I could puke right fucking there when one girl showed up naked - haory snatch, flappy belly, floppy tits and all.

Jesus Christ.

The girl got drunk and so much wanted me to fuck her she almost sat on my lap.

She tried to kiss me but I didn't react in any way.

A normal guy would get a boner from that. I was like a corpse - no reaction at all.

She left and the following morning she went to my sister and told her

"Your brother aint normal. I wanted to kiss him, but absolutely no reaction. I think he is gay".

So I gave up, I am really gay. Very ghey.

Even if I wanted to have I could do nothing with her.

Absolutely nothing.

I wish I could be normal like other guys, I would have all those fucking problems with my parents I am having right now.

On the other hand, I am happy that I am different and that there are hot guys who like me and we get undressed and shag and kiss....

I also been in a threesome with three hot absolutely fit dudes.

We were on a pile, ontop of each other I was in the middle.

That was just insanely hot.

The guys were hairy with big feet, muslced chests, one dude was very tall, just as I like them.

I just kept on cummin....and cummin..

We got drunk and slept together, we had a bath together, then went to a cafe, then went biking together.


And then we played dead, I propped up one dude and took pics of him and posted on cdg.

10-08-09, 03:45 PM
YOU MUST BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! DO NOT, under any circumstances, change who you are just to fit in or make someone else happy. All you will accomplish is making your life a living hell from which eventually you will see no other form of escape other than suicide. To be someone or something you are not just to make anyone other than you happy is paramount to committing suicide. You know what you like and you know who you are. If people cannot accept you for that fact then, pardon my French; fuck them and the happy horse they rode in on. Some people like women and some like guys. Big, fucking, hairy deal. So what! So long as you are not forcing your preference on anyone else, those with whom you are participating are of legal age of consent and agree to participate, your activities are no illegal by local law or custom, and no one is hurt or harmed in the process, then what business is it of anyone elseís who you like to have sex with. We look to nit-pick. To find something wrong with someone so we can slap a label on them and go about our business. In my many years on this planet, I have dealt with straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trisexual, transgender, transsexual, the gambit. Those individuals who understood who they were, acknowledged who and what they were, and were open and honest with themselves and the world were and are, in my opinion, truer people than most individuals can be. They were true friends, there in good times and in bad. Why? Because they weren't living a lie and trying to keep up the false pretense that they were "normal". They were not trying to fit in and having to watch over their shoulders constantly to make sure that if they did slip, no one - especially someone they knew would catch them and their secret would be revealed. In the world today, what is "normal"? There are so, so many things that interest people that what I like may bore the hell out of the next person but may again might be liked by 1000 different people down the road. Most parents when they realize their child is gay are disappointed. All hopes for the "traditional" life as we and they know it have been dashed and they have been thrown head first into the deep end of the great unknown - of which 99% of us are afraid. After a period of adjustment Ė much like the steps in the mourning process Ė they tend to come around. While the relationship may not be exactly the same as it was, you are still their child and unless they are cruel and heartless, will still love you no matter what. What about those individuals that never engage with either sex? They do not have boyfriends or girlfriends and choose, sometimes consciously and sometime not, to be alone. Females are labeled spinsters and the guys must have something wrong with them because they are not lusting after every living, breathing female that crosses their path. Again, it all comes down to a matter of personal choice. Each and every one of us must do what is right for us. Not what other tell us is right. It is along the same lines of a parent telling a child that they have to be a doctor or a lawyer or go to a particular school because their parents did or are or it is family tradition. Bullshit. If you donít want to go to college or donít want to follow in the family tradition, then donít. If parents canít understand that they raised their kids to be individuals and make their own decisions and when their kids make their own decisions they become offended, they need to take some steps back. Who knows better what is right for each individual other than the individual - unless it is something along the medical or legal lines and you are not a doctor or a lawyer. We must be the captain of our own destiny and take responsibility for who we are. Only then can one be truly happy and content. To live by any other means is not living at all and life is way too short to live it in a lie.
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10-08-09, 04:06 PM
Both my parents said they would slit my throat if they catch me another man.

Shame to admit it but its the truth.

Mom said, "I gave your life, I will take if if I have to".

How cruel to say to your kid, isn't it.

10-08-09, 04:58 PM
Yes, it is cruel. But they have just been slammed with the fact that you are not the individual they thought you were. You have destroyed every dream they have had for you and nothing at this point is going to make them happy short of you renouncing men and having women in your bed 24/7. They are hurt. They will get over it. If not, then like many others before me, I too recommend that you find a way to venture back out on your own. Many people live productive lives without familial contact. If your parents cannot see that you are still their son and the only thing different is with whom you share your bed then they need to get with the times. Unless you have gone completely off of the deep end and flipped your personality and actions 360', as the pain and anger wears away, they should come around. If they cannot accept you for who you are, then by all means hop a bus, train, hitchhike, do whatever you have to get out of that environment. It is not healthy and it will lead to major problems and issues if you let it fester and continue. It would be better to cut your losses and tell your folks thanks, but I am going to go out in the world where strangers can accept me for who I am but not my own family. Thanks for the memories. Have a nice life. It sounds cold, but life, as we well know, is not always pleasant. I am not a professional, but I do know that you have to do what is in YOUR best interest, not theirs. The choice is up to them. They can be included in your life and accept you for who you are or you can be out of their lives and they can hold this against you for the rest of eternity. They will be the ones that are worse for wear, not you. Give them the option, open a dialogue. If it works out, that is great. If not, cut your losses and go on with your life. You are young enough and hopefully are not already on a course set for self-destruction that you can get several more decades of productive and meaningful life lived before your number is up. You have a support network established through this forum. I donít think you can afford to make the jump across the pond to the States quite yet; according to what you say your current situation is, but most certainly you can manage to get to one of the major cities in the Western EU and make a go of it. Look at how many immigrants enter a country with virtually nothing but the clothes on their backs and through determination and effort, make a better life for themselves. If you can build websites and can manipulate code/software Ė try freelancing. All it would take is one well built site/well written program for the right client and the sky is the limit. Computers are not going away any time soon. Companies are looking for people who have an ability to operate in a global arena. Maybe not immediately, but as this depression/recession improves companies will be hungry for people who are multi-talented and at least bi-lingual. In the mean time, you could find some sort of work in the field, bide your time and hone your craft. The major point is you have to do what is right and best for you. If it means sleeping on a friendís futon, couch or floor for a while, then as the saying goes, ďYou got to do what you got to do.Ē The future is just that, the future. What you have to concern yourself with right now is the here and now. The past is past, you cannot change it and the future will grow out of what you make of the present.
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