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A serene lover.

After he died, we had to wait 2 weeks until the funeral because it was a busy season at the funeral home. The undertaker had to give him an extra special embalming treatment because it was such a long wait until his burial, the kind of treatment usually reserved for shipment to a tropical country. We paid an extra 200 pounds for this, but it was worth it.

The undertaker told us that I could have his coffin taken home for the 2 weeks wait, or I could have him stored in their mortuary. There was no danger of decomp, at least not for a couple of months, said the undertaker. So I opted to have his coffin laid out in our bedroom. Derek was well over 6 feet tall in life, 6 feet 6 and a half, and his coffin was 7 feet in length, which was too big for a cremation retort, thankfully. We'd opted for a solid oak polished coffin, with solid brass fitments. The undertaker had put a single red rose on top of the coffin for peaceful effect, and said 'It's up to you if you open it feetboy, he looks just like he's sleeping anyway, he really looks divine in that dark suit.' I told the undertaker to open the coffin.Then he left my house.

Derek was covered head to toe in white satin, so I couldn't see him. I pulled back the face piece and I saw his 23 year old sleeping face lying pale and still. His eyes were shut so tight yet so peaceful, and his motionless lips just begged me to kiss them. They were icy cold against mine.. I stroked his face and I put my fingers in his nostrils and his ears, I could feel the cotton wool that had been forced deep inside them to prevent leaks.

I took the rest of the coffin shroud off to reveal Derek lying in his dark grey suit, black tie, white shirt and black socks on his size 13 feet. His hands had been placed across his chest to fit him in the coffin. They were almost transparent and white in colour because of the embalming, and because they wouldn't be seen, there was no make up on them. They weren't stiff but they were firm. I was able, with a little effort, to lift his arm up and suck his fingers. I took my trousers off and used his hand to stroke my bulging cock, and stuck his fingers lovingly inside my anus. the feeling of his cold hand inside me was blissful and I then decided to pull his clothes off. His suit had been slit up the back and laid on top, so it was fairly easy. Derek was a bit overweight but that turned me on, because I like fatties sometimes, they have big feet you see.

I was now riding up and down on Derek's motionless corpse, telling him I love him and basking in the ice cold feeling of him. I decided I should tip the coffin onto the bed. Derek rolled out and was now face down on my bed. I flipped him back over, and then decided myself to lie in his coffin. There was some staining on the inside where he'd leaked a little, but I lay there taking in his scent and masturbating, feeling my naked cock against the satin lining.

I climbed out and stripped Derek totally naked. His huge feet were so welcoming, the soft padding of the toes felt so good against my hot cock. I sucked and licked his cold feet, I almost came from just doing that. I put his feet in my anus and sucked his limp yet firm embalmed cock. My heart was pounding . This was the best orgasm he'd ever given me, and he was dead. I went in for the grand finale... I removed all the padding in his arse and I slid my pulsating cock inside him, whilst licking his cold face and feeling his dead cock and balls, I came inside him. We lay there together for hours. His death and my life intertwined beautifully. 2 weeks of Derek's corpse in my house, no deterioration. I kept him naked in his coffin. On the day before his funeral, the rest of his family came to view him. After they left, Derek went in my freezer, and sandbags went in his coffin........

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Awesome story!! Made me so wet! Thanks

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Super hot story, it has me turn on in a way no other story before


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nice story

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First story I read on here. I've read snuff stories before that really turn me on, this story does too. Good stuff!