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28-07-09, 09:43 AM
Everyone has a relative/friend who are now corpses.

We dedicate this thread to them - please specify their approx age at the time of their croak and cause of death.

Names and locations where they died are optional.


As some of you know my cousin Bobby committed suicide last year by jumping off a bridge in Sofia.

He was only 20-years-old. :sm (41):

Tall lean and handsome with big smile. We are on pics together.

They autopsied him and kept him naked in a fridge until police could find his parents who are divorced and his mom was in Spain.


Granny and grandpa croaked in 2004 - born in the same month, same year died same month same year aged 75.

Granny developed complications from a pneumonia and grandpa suffered renal failure and croaked very pale.

I have dead young neighbours - 24 from drowning and several dudes in car wrecks.

One dude I went to parties with croaked from an cocaine overdose. He was also very drunk and docs couldn't at all help him.

The list goes on and on.

Wonder who is next.

I am not really afraid to croak, I find it hot even. I just don't want to get crushed under a truck and still be conscious like those dudes on theYNC.

:sm (30):

So do you have relatives and friends who have become corpses?

28-07-09, 01:47 PM
None of the following are males so you might find it boring, anyway I guess it'd be better to share:

1- My grandmother died in 2007 aged 81. She was in severe condition: one leg broken, flesh bruised up due to lying for weeks. My mom took good care of her, changed her diapers & cleaned her ass despite her refusal & dislike of some of her own children, one of who neglected & caused her broken leg. I guess she was never fond of her son's wife.

2- My great aunt died last month, aged 84. She stayed with our family for about 5 years. Her family & relatives live abroad so they send money so that my mom could help take care of her. None of them ever returned to pay her a visit, I received e-mail from her brother expressing their grief & sadness...

She remained a virgin btw...

3- My niece died after 2 hours of birth. My sister was informed earlier that the infant was not strong enough to grow normally during pregnancy and might not survive after childbirth. She decided to keep the baby & delivered beautifully. Sadly no work of miracle happened here...

All were cremated economically...

28-07-09, 03:29 PM
my grandpa, stroke age 68, cremated.
my close friend age 59, buried. cancer
my great grandad heart attack 87, buried.

I viewed these bodies and i have played with the cocks of the two oldest ones.

my grandma 77 cremated
my 'lover' old man, cancer 73, cremated
my college mate, 25, cremated, no open casket.
my friend's dad, cremated 68. my friend viewed his dad, i wish i'd been there, he was a big fatty with huge feet. i sucked my friends feet though, he's still alive.

second cousin , 40s, AIDS. I didn't know him at all though, but that's what happened

29-07-09, 01:02 PM
My mom took good care of her, changed her diapers & cleaned her ass


my college mate, 25, cremated, no open casket.

Excellent. What happened?

31-07-09, 09:39 AM
he fell down a hill and banged his head. It wasn't even that far, he just slipped. It's almost silly. It's so fucking sad though.

31-07-09, 08:30 PM
Death can catch you when you least expect it.

01-08-09, 01:48 AM
My brother die when he was 17 years... he was surf and large wave threw him into the rocks.

Rest of my family I know of is alive still.

Also, I had friend killed and violated by American GI when she go to Okinawa on vacation... No one has done something about it so her family is upset to this day. She was 13 years.

03-08-09, 10:37 PM
Damn that sucks Cadaver-Kun.

04-08-09, 09:44 AM
Jesus, I am sorry cadaver.


I want to add a dead friend to a list.

He died on New Years eve from a heroin overdose.

His parents refused to believe he was a drug-addict, they said he had some illness but the autopsy showed dude had overdose on heroin.

He was tall hairy and very very fucking cute, we used to go to parties together!

He has a sister which was my classmate.

She is also a drug addict.

There parents are divorced; their dad is Russian.

04-08-09, 11:52 AM
There are so many-

Birth parents - dad 32 mother 28 - car crash
Adoptive mother - 82 - heat attack
Brother - 34 - drowned
Grand parents 68 - 98 -just old age
Female close fried - 26 - hung herself
Ex boyfried - 22 -gassed himself in car
Male friend - 36 - again gassed in car
Brother in law 40 - pill overdose
Mate 34 - car crash
and numerous other relatives and one or two other friends but they were not who I would concider to be close.

A lot of people do tend to snuff it around me, just as well I look bloody good in my black funeral suit.

04-08-09, 12:01 PM
Oh Dark, I am sorry about your parents. :(

And bro too.


Why did two of your friends gassed themselves?

Sheer brutality, people are dropping like flies around you.

You bring death.

If you shag me, will I die too?

04-08-09, 12:13 PM
The friends killed thenselves , one over money worries, the other over end of a long term relation ship, On one hand I am sorry for them , they should have come and talked to me ,I am sure I could have talked them out of thier stupid actions. On the other hand -selfish bastards didn't tell me were to find thier bodies first, Perhaps they new that if i had i would have shagged thier cold dead asses.
No meatpie if i shagg you ,you will finaly see what true happieness is, you may think you are dead because it will be heavenly, but I don't want any harm to come your way. We could play dead for ever or become europes biggest ever gay serial killers and catch victims for our own peverse pleasure, bet we could get a better total than dahmer and co. lol.

04-08-09, 03:46 PM
Most serial killers act alone. Eventually we will fight over victims, who shall shag a dead guy first?

Who gets the cock, who gets to cut off his feet?

04-08-09, 03:54 PM
The evil twin CDG duo of death...

Interesting :D

When will your reign of terror commence?

04-08-09, 03:57 PM
Never. Just sick fantasy I and Dark have and we like to share it from time to time.

I can't kill another dude, I aint that insane.

I know you have killing urges too, so we might be a trio who knows what will happen.

We might end up in a bad way...like some really bad nasty necro boys.

04-08-09, 05:50 PM
Sounds fun to me.