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27-07-09, 11:49 PM
Sweet Tragedy

I'm ready.
My fingers have fastened the knot of relief.
I'm hardly breathing, I'm preparing it seems.
Silence has enveloped me in its whole embrace.
There is nothing more to do, nothing left to say.
My only comfort is the breeze that occasionally licks my heels.
I feel like something out of a tragic romance novel.
But I'm writing new material.
My shining knight in armor will not show.
No break for intervention.
Just the wind and the gin that has now numbed my insides to a dull roar.
Fingers climb the rough bark of the a weeping willow tree.
The soft sheen of the fading sun pushing its bastardless rays deep into my glistening dew dropped skin.
My body has honed itself for this very moment.
No sudden shift in perspective.
It has for to long been steeped in formaldehyde and wax.
The hills of wheat look ablaze in a golden sway of fire.
A rush of endorphins kick me into gear, pushing me further into the arms of this crying willow.
I think it knows...that its the holder of my perpetual suicide.
A few restless leaves land on my set features, more of a farewell condolence then anything.
Feet scrape against the last of the ferrent bark.

I'm smiling...
I'm crying...
I'm afraid...
Yet I've never felt more secure then now.
I taste peace in the air.
I feel tranquility in the breeze.
It kicks the silky dress from all around me.
It catches the light just right, making it look like shimmering smoke.
Fingernails trail along the branches, searching its veins for the one can hold my form.
The rope wiggles, static filled from my energy.
This, here is my friend.
He is the key to my release.
I click the branch twice.

I beam...
I've found my supporting character.
I've assembled my cast for the story of my demise.
The willow, the supplementary character.
The willow branch, the supporting character.
The rope, the heroic pacifist.
Then there's me, the leading character.
I fasten the pacifist around my neck.
Cinching it tightly around my sweat chilled neck.

Rejoice, he says.
You've stolen the lead, and all eyes are on you.
Show them how this story ends.
Let them see that this tragedy is upon them.
The sun burst free like a spotlight upon my form.
Illuminating me like some long forgotten forlorn relic.
I bite my lip til it cracks then bleeds.
Sending a volcanic hot wave of vibrant red lave to escape my dry lips.
Spilling forth from now parting soundless lips.
Then to roll like rubies down my chin then shatter on snow white silk.
I'm so near to this end.
I know this end will be climatic.
That it will shatter both earth and cosmos alike.
Lips tremble, eyes close.
Arms outstretch as if I'm about to launch and fly away.
I'm going to fly, but I will also fall, then fly free permanently.
I can sense the world tear from all around me, through shut eyelids.
I can see it unravel like a dusty tapestry.
I'm standing on the edge.
My soft toes licking the moist bark of the willow.

I take on last long shuddering breath inward.

The air catches me, buffs me up like a feather.
Then my weight fills it and I become stone.
I'm laughing....
I'm smiling....
The bottom greets me with a solitary hello.
Rope promised he'd be quick.
Willow branch promised she'd hold me....
Weeping willow promised he'd to contain me.
A snap like that of a moist twig cracking in a fire erupts.
I can't breath.
My heart is pounding faster then 600mph.
My feet is trying its best to find solid earth.
I'm running out air.
I can't feel a thing, the white noise is crashing all around me like gypsy thunder.
I'm melting from within.
My organs are sputtering a concerto of fear against the apparatus lodged within me.

A blizzard blossoms inside glittering paloni hues, wide with drama.
My hand scrape outward and then fall to cling to my bosom.
A voice is screaming...
I'm full of smiles and hidden soliloquies.
The roar is eclipising me, its my voyage home.
I'm leaking from my beautiful erection.
It staining my garment in its hot sticky grope.
I'm orgasming at my own sucide.
It's rippling through my body like a tsunami.
I'm flying to and fro in a wave of summer wind.
I'm fading..
I'm losing sight with eyes wide open.
I breath a last spastic reminant of air, gas and blood into the atmosphere.
And die with a smile at my own blissful demise.

Poem By Little.Boy.Rot. aka Bahle

18-10-10, 09:32 AM
Well done! Very intense!