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01-11-08, 03:03 PM
Recently a straight 19 year old dude moved in the flat just below me.

I live on the fourth floor.

He dresses like a gay dude and drives a Mercedes.

All he does is:

1. Watch football - day and night and put the volume on the max so the whole block can hear what he is watching.
2. Talk on skype with his mates and discuss football.
3. Get very drunk after 1 pm and use drugs. Then he starts making animal like noises. Then his friends arrive - a dude and a chick that they fuck. She is horrific. I once saw her and nearly puked.

4. At 3 am they go to bed and is all quiet. They sleep off the nex day where the cycle repeats.

5. I also watched him cut his nails on the balcony and wanted to drop a hammer and break his skull.

Not cute but OKAY for a one off.

He doesn't work, he is a kid of rich parents and they bought him this apartment so that he can have fun.

Now I imagine he dies and I find him....:sm (59):

Please God let this dude croak naked in his bathroom and I find him.

I am sick of his football matches and skype conversations which we can all hear.

Next to me lives Alexander, 36.

He lives alone and is still single. He is bisexual as he brings home guys, and occasionally girls. He works out on the balcany and I can hear him making heavy breathing sounds.

He is still fat though :(

Above me lives a 70 year old lonely woman. Her entire family left for Warsaw, Poland.

She stalks me and sometimes brings me food and I once gave her apples. She invites me to watch TV with her, and view her family albums - black and white pics from the 1930s.

Unlike in America where suburbs spans kilomtres, in eastern europe people are jampacked in huge tower blocks so one block is like a small village.


Its fun!