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17-07-09, 05:58 AM
i do not whats hapening to me! i used to be very tolerant and don't loose patience but lately i lost patience and get angry so quickly that is shockong myself....

and i really don't know why? :sm (20):

im not an angry person, but with this subject of the pig flu i dont get outside to often, last week i was in my house all day (literally) i was ouside yesterday to watch HP6 ans i was al ot happier there... does my house/family gets me angry?

17-07-09, 12:07 PM
Hi Kit, why are you staying in and hidding from pig flu?
Ok Arrow got it bad , but most people are only getting it very mild , not much worse than a bad cold. Stop being afraid of it , most of what you here is media hyped crap.
Seven people including me got it from visitors to our workplace, others are suspected of having it, i've felt worse after a night on the beer, most people have nothing to worry about, infact the doctors here said it was good to catch it now when it is not so deadly as they expect the mutated version which may develope in the winter may be a much more dangerous strain and those who have already had the weaker version should have added immunity. As for the lack of tolerance, age and hormones usually to blame, Go out Get drunk , eat lots of chocolate and have a good sweaty shag, i'm sure yiou will be back to normal after that.

17-07-09, 12:25 PM
Hi Kit,

Dark is right about the flu. Even if you wear a mask and limit your outdoor activities, there is no 100% quarantee you won't catch it. Better get it, stay in bed for a few days then forget about the whole fucking pandemic scare.

Anger is an amazing emotion in my opinion, you try to surpress it but sometimes there comes a turning point where you need to let if all off, like in a pressure cooker.

What do you do when you are angry?

Shout? Get into fights?

You must find a way to vent your anger without hurting the people around you.

If you live with your parents and brothers and sisters it can be tough sometimes, esp if they have annoying habits.

It's best to live on your own if you can afford it - no one to annoy you then.


17-07-09, 04:29 PM
thanks, and i do live with my parents and they're doctors, it's soo anoying, i know i'm and adult but i they still think they can tell me what to do! i also sorth of live with my sister, i mean she's gone to live her life but she apears like three times a week, and with my litle niece, she is soo adorable but soo anoying! i don't know if i have a disorder but i get angry soo quickly, yesterday i kick myself out of a twilight forum, it was very impulsive but i just can't take it anymore and lot of times i consider to leave CDG... do i have a disorder? or i just need to go out?

17-07-09, 05:39 PM
Yes, you are crazy like the rest of us.

If you like to see dead guys, touch your wet pussy when you imagine your boyfriend dead...you are a necro girl.

Also you live with too many people so its normal that you will get annoyed sometimes.

Why don't you move in with your boyfriend?

18-07-09, 03:54 AM
hahaha.... we actually have that idea in mind, i will try to ask him but it's really is a BIG step to moving in together.. =S

18-07-09, 07:14 AM
Maybe you will get married first?

He will give you a ring, kiss you and then in the evening when you are all alone he will lick your clitoris and you will cum.

22-07-09, 08:12 PM
girls do not cum meatfriend.. =S

22-07-09, 08:26 PM
I've heard otherwise.