View Full Version : Reuters: Worst of crisis still to come for Easern Europe

14-07-09, 08:52 PM

Several economic experts sare saying that while the economy of the US maybe on the road to recoveory, the worst is still to come for countries in Eastern Europe.

Unemployment is rising rapidly in the whole region, factories and small business continue to close.

Countries from the Baltic region are especially vulnarable.

Greece, Bulgaria and Romania have massive unemployment.


16-07-09, 08:47 PM
the best thing is, since they are part of the EU, they will band together and help each other.

The US economy is not that strong, it is too much dependent on other things.
(like credit and export)

It will recover eventually, every economy faces a good crisis, so it can grow, weed out the weak and become stronger. Like nature, economy has it's ups and downs.

16-07-09, 09:15 PM
Helping each other was the principle of communism.

Capitalism is dog eat dog.

Small countries are absolutely devastated by the global economic, you will see it first hand when you arrive in Sofia.

The US is the most powerful nation on earth, they can recover quickly while we are just left devastated for years to come.

16-07-09, 10:02 PM
The US WAS the most powerful nation in the world,

These days it's China.

It will become better, we will all have to give in, but we will get alot back...

trust me :D