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13-07-09, 06:06 AM

By Bahle


A voice called out from the eternal darkness, it was soft and whispery. Body lay in rigidmortis, unable to move, unable to claw his way out. Suffering the shock of wondering why he was alive was soon replaced with the knowledge that he was dead. He wanted to cry, to scream. But something in his mouth held it back. All he saw was blackness and felt the weight of dirt open his chest. He needed someone...anyone. So mustering all he had, he screamed with all his mind.

Gabe's ears perked up as he sat down his morning paper. He stood up and quick looked around the small house. It was completely quiet; no radio was running, no TV, just silence. The fact he was reading about a 15 year old boy's death and heard a mysterious cry for help right after had put him on edge. He walked to the living room window that was wide open, the location he could swear he heard it from. Without thinking he answered.
"I don't know where you are."
He said it mainly as a joke to the voice he thought his brain had tricked him into hearing.

Emanuel heard the voice in his head, it rattled something hard around. In a shaky response, Emanuel said
"I'm dead!!! Oh god save me!!!"
His voice sounded like it was full of tears. Body lay slumped in the red satin, that was now thieving with small insects.
"There’s bugs...Ewww!''

Gabe spun around once in his house as this voice seemed to come from everywhere.
"Boy...were are you buried"
Great, he thought. He was going completely insane now. He gabbed his coat and his shoes then headed out the front door and stood there, as if waiting for a reply if there was one. How could he save a dead boy?

It was hard enough to recognize that he was dead, and now he was being asked where he was. Racking his brain...what was left of it, he remembered.
"Brickington Cemetery... Please hurry.!"
Needless to say, the dead boy was panicking, the bugs were becoming more interested in him then the dirt..

He was to scared to talk, could he hear anything he said? Gabe felt like he was completely crazy. A dead body was talking to him. His brain was creating this because he was lonely or something. He got in his car and pulled out of the drive way. Reaching the cemetery, Gabe looked around. There were thousands of graves. He parked his car and got out. He was in his weekend clothes, he hadn’t been expecting to go anywhere. He headed to the gate and walked inside. It had to the afternoon now, since the sun had begun to set on the west.
"Can you hear me?"
He asked, knowing he would only have to look for new dirt.

The voice came back to the boy, and he smiled, well in his mind he smiled. A nearby spider crawled on his face, and he did all he could to block out the scuttling feeling on his face.
"Auuh...I can hear you....look for a tomb with the name Emanuel. B. Heonehizer"
The itchy legs were driving him insane. He'd hope to get out in the open air soon, but then what?

“What in hell do I do when I find it?"
he asked to himself as he started walking through the grave yard. some people were leaving, holding each other and crying. He sighed as he looked through all the graves, so many names, though some of them he liked. Until finally came across it. Dug up ground with fresh grass seed sprinkled on it. The name "Emanuel. B. Heonehizer" written on it. His heart stopped or at least he thought it did. He knew it was in his head this wasn’t real, until he found the grave stone. He looked around, surprised he found it so fast. he crouched down by the grave stone.
"What now?"
He asked the spirit in his ear.