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11-07-09, 10:59 PM
So this is a true story. {Or is it...to dodge trouble?}
On my first and one and only necrophiliac exsperience.

A Lasting Encounter

I'm thirteen years old.. {At the time}
Its the day of the funeral of my best friend Darrin.
I found out a couple days ago that he di=ed.....pulimary edema or something...
I don't know what that is exactly.
They told me it's when your lungs fill with fluid.
I cried for days and days...
Now I can't cry.
He was my best friend and the only boy to see me naked.
Now as I look down at him in his coffin.
The soft red satin buffing him up to me...
I reach out....I touch his lip.
Its cold...like ice...
I tremble.
I've always loved him.
I was never afraid to tell him that.
People surround me. crying and talking in hushed whispers.
Darrin's mother looks down at me and smiles.
"Darrin loved you. He's in a better place, Bahle"
I nod only at her words.
I use to be angry...still kinda am.
But I think about the days of when we use to play together.
And I smile...
I take a quick look around me, no ones watching....My lips hang over his neck...
So close.....
My lips hover a centimeter away.
Then I inhale...
Inhaling his memories, his scent and some of his soul into me.
I shiver as I feel a warm hand grace my neck.
Its Christopher...Darrin's brother.
He's frowning at me..
I think he caught me!
"Mom thinks we should leave you with Darrin, so you can say your goodbyes."
I'm afraid....
I don't know why I breathed him in.
But It made me shudder.
His essence filling me like a balloon.
Nodding silently, I watch the small family of now three leave me.
Looking back down at him, I burn his features into my brain.
Honey brown colored locks spiral delicately.
I reach out and twirl one around my finger, hesitantly at first, then with eagerness.
I speak softly "Darrin. I'm going to miss you"
He says nothing.
I bend down to get another breath of his scent.
It taste of cold...and baby soap...and...what's that...a sour but tangy scent.
'So this is the scent of decay'
I don't hate it....
Not on Darrin I don't.
I ingrain this effervescent scent into my nostrils..into my body.
I can feel myself smiling.
Not at his death, but that I felt him shiver with anticipation.
But at what?
A free hand trails to his cheek, a finger flicking out to caress his high cheekbones.
They jut outward, so delicate...so fragile.
'What Am I doing? Is this wrong of me?!?'
I stop.
Could I really confess to him now?
Now that he's dead and can't truely respond back to me.
'Yes! He's always with me! Even here!'
That hand drifts lower, whilst the other continues to caress those soft honey curls.
"Darrin.....I.......lah----lah---LAH- LOVE YOU!"
I bellow this out.
My voice echoes off the cathedral walls, then diminishes.
I can feel a pair of eyes stare at me.
From down below!
I look back down, so to see that one of Darrin's eyes had come open in my frustration.
I squeak.
'I knew it! I knew that he still here!! But why?'
I try to think of why Darrin would be trapped in his body still.
Promises? Did I make a promise...?
Then it hit me like a tons of bricks.
I quiver, as my hand take hold of Darrin's silky white dress shirt.
"You couldn't possibly...could you?"
I think my sanity has left me.
But here and now I'm willing to believe anything.
Those lips are still, unmoving, pale pink with a touch of blue that couldn't be hidden.
I stare down hard into him.
Into the glassy unmoving orb of dark brown.
I feel myself slipping and with a surge of might.
I pull myself up as I hear a tiny voice in my head.
'Kiss him.....'
I shiver at that thought.
'Kiss my dead friend?'
The sound of blood rushing stirs me.
I can feel my shorts tighten as blood rushes to my modest member.
Bending fully over the casket, I edge my lips near his...my eyes close.
The feeling of feather soft ice brushes my own lips.
Both heat and ice send sparks through my body, and I moan.
I am relishing in this kiss.
I know he is smiling from his shell....
I try to deepen the kiss, but his jaw is firm and seems to be full of something.
I giggle childishly and pull myself up from the kiss.
I gasp gently as I see that Darrins eye had closed.
'I must have brushed it or something...closed it on accident.'
I reason with myself.
I can feel my boyish erection press even tighter against my black shorts.
The sound of a door opening startles me and I hurriedly press my abdomen into the coffin.
A voice speaks.
"Bahle...are you okay..."
Darrin's mother Gqewn.
"I-I-I'm fine....Just give me a few more minutes with Darrin."
I rasp out shakily.
I can hear her whimper..
"Okay honey..."
The sound of the big wooden door closing relaxes me as I stare down at my crotch.
A wet spot the size of a quarter can be seen.
I put a finger to it.
Its warm and smells sweet.
I lick it...
Has to be semen...I sigh
'I wonder.....'
Almost with insane fervor I unbutton Darin's pants, and slid my hand to grasp his member.
The feel of it against my hand makes my own member dribble a spot.
Its oddly lukewarm against my hot smooth hand.
'Just a small peek will be fine.'
"Right Darrin....I mean you saw mine."
I chuckle.
It's definitely genuine.
Peeling back his underwear and pants just a tad bit.
I see it.
I run my fingers through the silky black brown pubic hair.
It's so soft!
Like down feathers.
Looking further down I smile.
His balls are so cute, being all drawn up his body as if he was cold.
"Are you cold Darrin?"
I flick a finger on it, massaging it gently.
'Darrin shouldn't be cold!'
I massage the skin faster and faster, and it practically losens like firey cotton onto my hand.
I'm smiling.
I don't know why.
But Darrin seems to be thankful.
My hand wants to go up further...
To grab that pale white member.
But my fear kicks in.
'What if I'm caught!!!'
I can hear Darrin's voice in the back of my head.
~"Just do it..Don't ever be afraid!"~
I can feel tears rush from my eyes.
My mouth lowers once more to that forbidden area.
I pause for a moment.
To consider what I'm doing.
But the memories are to strong, their overriding me.
Taking the last dive I encircle his member with my mouth.
Letting the lukewarm flesh fill my tightly cinched mouth.
I lick it a few times to get the taste.
It taste soapy, but scarily kinda sweet.
I swallow the fluid and cough as it the member hits my gag reflex.
My eyes are already crying, so I don't think it matters much.
I swirl his member around in my mouth to burn the taste of it on my tounge.
The taste, the memories stick hard.
I with a soft moment of my inner child, kiss his navel.
I re clothe him, and with a last retort, blow a large raspberry onto his stomach.
It reverberates through the large room.
The doors fling open and the family rushes in, all sporting worried looks.
"What was that sound"
The mother questions.
They shot me curious looks.
I look back one last time before stepping in line beside them.
"Lets just say Darrin is smiling from heaven now.".

Authors note:
As stated.
For my benefit {And out of respect for us both} Do not post this story anywhere, without explicit permission given by me. I know you guys {and gals} are mature enough to be do that.

Also. Please do not flame this. Or be crude. Only respectful with positive feed back is appreciated. I prefer and adore elegant-romantic Necrophilia/Guro. So understand that.

With much love and tidings,
Me & Darrin both thank you for listening to us.

~Bahle & Darrin~

11-07-09, 11:30 PM
Very romantic and erotic, what every necro hopes for.

12-07-09, 02:11 AM
wow, one of the best stories i ever heard..

are you the author?

12-07-09, 05:13 AM
What a lovely way to say goodbye ! I held my dead lover, wrapped in my arms, hoping my warm kisses would bring him back to life. I'm sure he was smiling, knowing that my love for him was following him to Valhalla as he joined all of the other Warrior Gods !

12-07-09, 05:24 AM
wow, one of the best stories i ever heard..

are you the author?

I can proudly say that I am the author of this.


I actually am currently in the process of writing a gay necrophiliac romance novel.

14-07-09, 04:23 AM
omg! so this is a true story or just a story?

14-07-09, 05:19 AM
Heh! Am I protected by some law, that says here on interspace its true.
I don't want to get in trouble if it were true.
But If you really wanna know ask me in pm or something, be vague about asking thoguh xD
A simple
So is it true will do