View Full Version : OMG. OH SHIT. My neighbour drowned. Cute and only 24! FUCKKKKK!

10-07-09, 06:07 PM
Jesus Christ my neighbour drowned today!

Cute and only 24, dude drowned in the Black Sea today trying to save his gilrfriend!

Thats just totally insane.

He is now in morgue in Burgas, approx 600 km from his home.

Dude will be autopsied, then put in fridge until his family manage to organize the funeral.

I definately go...will try to take pics, hope he has an open casket.

Should I buy him flowers? Ohh this is so hot, I am with a boner ever since I heard.

The entire neighbourhood is talking, at first we thought it was my sister's classmate.

Dude was a student in Sofia.

He, his chick and three other dudes were caught in the nototious "sinkholes" that forum near the Black sea coast in the summer.

I've seen them and its just insane that just on the beach you can have 50 cm of water then, a metre away - a depth of 30 metres.

They change positions every summer - strong underwater currents dig them.

My mom told the news.

Can't wait to see him dead.

People are already gathering around dude's home to express their condolances to his family.

"He was a great student" his teachers told mom.

11-07-09, 11:04 PM
I bet he's all blue -thinks-

12-07-09, 12:45 AM
Damn! Would have been great to have been on the beach and to have seen him fresh! What is a black hole? Sounds like a black womans pussy, EEWWW! Just as dangerous! We have rip tides in the US, my mother calls them a sea push because that is exactly what they do. The only way out is to swim as fast and as strong as you can sideways (parralell) untill you feel it stop pushing it you. I have been caught in a few. Very tough to get out of you must be a strong and determined swimmer and the type that doesnt panic. PANIC =DEATH IN ANY SITUATION!Send flowers they will show you cared to the family and that you are an considerate person. Then ask for a few mins alone with your camera and the flowers and the dude in the casket.

12-07-09, 01:04 PM
I will go directly to the funeral, I will wear black and I will bring him flowers.

I will do my best to take photos if the has an open casket.