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06-07-09, 11:31 PM
I have my digital camera more than 5 year. We have sommer in Lj now and i see so many tall serb on Ljubljana streets without shoes with flip floops that sometimes i think that im gonna crazy :)


When i have my digital camera with me than usualy took some pics :) Sick, i know :)

I was very lucky in the last two days. Lets see why :)

Today... he was sitting next to me. Dark, tall (probably) worker from Bosnia. Around 28 years. Very big (probably stinky) feet

http://www.shrani.si/t/3J/BR/3hcXIbpo/2009070655.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?3J/BR/3hcXIbpo/2009070655.jpg)

Yesterday. In a supermarket. Bold very tall man. Around 30. Big feet

http://www.shrani.si/t/1N/12e/4YeuODA0/20090705251.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?1N/12e/4YeuODA0/20090705251.jpg)

And.. this one woud be probably in a top 3 in this seasom (summer). Dark.. so fucking tall.. very danger, probably some bandido, serb. I have so much luck in this case. He was staring at me. First i was think that he saw me that i pic him. I was almost pissed loool :)

http://www.shrani.si/t/Y/v7/29u3TXE8/20090705221.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?Y/v7/29u3TXE8/20090705221.jpg)

06-07-09, 11:40 PM
A couple days ago. Feet and face.

http://www.shrani.si/t/38/NJ/2yIFsvke/2009070554.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?38/NJ/2yIFsvke/2009070554.jpg)

http://www.shrani.si/t/3K/6u/4QEe6KiG/2009070557.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?3K/6u/4QEe6KiG/2009070557.jpg)

And something for Meatpie. If you intresting PM me :) She was waiting the same bus than me :)

http://www.shrani.si/t/1p/11a/3KPSXJul/2009070558.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?1p/11a/3KPSXJul/2009070558.jpg)

07-07-09, 12:04 AM
WoW! High-resolution!

What you are doing is dangereous, one day a nasty serb will catch you and beat you up!!!

07-07-09, 12:07 AM
What do you think Meatpie? :) First, second, third or fourth? :)

07-07-09, 12:08 AM
Third of course.

Have you noticed Opasan, that cute guys also have beautiful feet?

07-07-09, 12:14 AM
The third is from supermarket.. its to hard to take some pics of face .. woud be easyer if a catch him on the street or in pub etc

I have no word how was this dude sexy :) Sexy for my taste.. Guy on the fourth and fifth pics is not so much for my taste. He is cute, but he is not hard.. if you know that i mean

07-07-09, 12:20 AM
Do you have more?

07-07-09, 12:28 AM
I have unlimited archive lol :)

Something from saturday. I catch him in entrance of supermarket :) He was with his chick :) Yes.. all pics are in HR.. you know that i love this :)

http://www.shrani.si/t/2x/5G/3ux0KGUw/2009070528.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?2x/5G/3ux0KGUw/2009070528.jpg)

http://www.shrani.si/t/1Q/Dh/4NnWyMp/2009070523.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?1Q/Dh/4NnWyMp/2009070523.jpg)

http://www.shrani.si/t/y/qX/2483VBdk/2009070531.jpg (http://www.shrani.si/?y/qX/2483VBdk/2009070531.jpg)

07-07-09, 12:40 AM
WoW WoW...:)

Great shit, I want him dead!

Post more pleaZZ

07-07-09, 12:49 AM
I never take pics of dudes that are not at least 80-100% of my taste :)

07-07-09, 12:55 AM
And whats your taste?

Tall and dark?

What about feet?

Do you want the big toe to be bigger than the others, or shorter?

You like soles, toes? What?