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18-06-09, 06:44 PM
Sick, can't understand how someone can get off on this vid.


19-06-09, 03:37 PM
I had this fucking bitch go and die you fucking bitch !.... I heard PETA is searching her....if they get her she go for a long time in prison.... GO TO HELL YOU FUCKING BITCH .....If i can i would do the same with her ! BITCH ^^

23-06-09, 08:00 AM
LOL! Even when the bunny is screaming in pain it's still absolutely adorable.

23-06-09, 03:11 PM
I think its disgusting.

Whats PETA?

23-06-09, 04:22 PM
PETA: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals !

23-06-09, 04:57 PM
Thank you.

23-06-09, 05:32 PM
Sad :sm (20):

23-06-09, 05:35 PM
AAAAWWWW poor feggy from Slovenia feels sad...


23-06-09, 08:37 PM
PETA is a lie.

Btw, it was interesting hearing what a cute bunny sounds like. I had a pet bunny before as a kid and it would never speak so I squeese hugged it till it squeeked. It was so cute. :)

11-07-09, 09:05 PM
Fuck this punk bitch.
Animals have souls and can feel pain too.

11-07-09, 09:43 PM
Cut her tits off and ram them up her gapping gash (cunt) see if this makes the bitch scream.
Then fuck her hard with a dildo covered in barbed wire.

11-07-09, 11:14 PM
That made me luagh so hard, darkside

12-07-09, 02:11 AM
I like bunnies, I won't watch it. I know the case though. She's a terrible person, she'll get what she deserves.

useless bum
12-07-09, 02:57 AM
PETA: People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals !

Or PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals

Seriously, there is another kind of crush fetish that involves cars, motorcycles, etc.

14-07-09, 04:42 AM
I want to see a cute human being crushed.

(PETA murder a lot of animals, they are evil)

12-03-18, 01:08 AM
Video is gone did a woman crush a bunny if so how. I've thought about being crushed

12-03-18, 03:06 AM
I saw one of her videos ages ago, and I wish I hadn't. I read later that she was an Asian woman, but I didn't see anything other than her foot in the video. The one I saw showed a close-up of her foot in a high heeled shoe, with its spike-heel resting on a live baby animal's body (she did it to kittens and puppies too), as she slowly put the full weight of her body onto it. The heel, or course, pierced the animal and killed it. I don't even know what creature she used in the video I saw. I hope she was caught and punished.