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12-06-09, 02:31 PM
http://nsa07.casimages.com/img/2009/06/12/09061203304597846.jpg (http://www.casimages.com) :sm (9):

12-06-09, 02:34 PM
Sexy. What happened?

12-06-09, 02:52 PM
http://nsa07.casimages.com/img/2009/06/12/090612035020293106.jpg (http://www.casimages.com) Sonny , 20, of Waterlooville, Hampshire, was airlifted to hospital after jumping from South Parade Pier in Southsea on Sunday afternoon.

He plunged about 9m (30ft) into 1m (3ft) of water and hit the bottom, causing severe neck and head injuries.

Solent Coastguard have warned people not to dive from a height into water.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Constabulary said: "He broke his neck in the fall and has been told that he may not walk again.

"He will be remaining in Southampton General Hospital for the foreseeable future as he begins treatment."

12-06-09, 04:53 PM
Dude is fucked. RIP.

Thank you for your interesting post.

12-06-09, 10:37 PM
wow, where can i find some of that? @_@

12-06-09, 10:42 PM
At your local hospital. @_@

12-06-09, 10:59 PM
LOL no doubt, i guess i should start hanging out there!

13-06-09, 09:55 AM
Try to take a job at the morgue, its awesome seeing young man stark naked on tables with open mouths.

I loved it when I went to the morgue, probably happiest day of my life.

I couldn't take the rotters though. :(

11-10-09, 02:55 AM
Any news on whatever happened to this hottie?