View Full Version : What style are you using?

07-10-08, 07:07 PM
I like the red style - wide :sm (2):

07-10-08, 11:58 PM
Using the classic for luck. The red style reminds me of all the lost gore.

08-10-08, 12:12 AM
its all on imagebam, just too lazy today to post but we all have it saved there.

08-10-08, 07:19 PM
I go fer the red wide style, it's very nice!!

13-10-08, 02:44 AM
What in the FUCK are you guys talking about? Please note that I am going to report myself to the moderator for using the word 'fuck.' :sm (14)::sm (4):

Daughter of satan
29-10-08, 10:34 AM
^^ maybe you shouldnt be a member here, maybe cdg needs a prison cell like we have on ogrish and g a
ot i have it on the red, reminds me of ogrish, if you need help with the styles just ask