View Full Version : PieMan....call one of these European HOT-LINES NOW !!!

12-04-09, 08:04 PM

Please CALL one of these European HOT-LINES NOW !!!

You are going into a mental health emergency.

One of these phone numbers HAS to be nearer to you .....
you have some $$$, you have Skype, you can MAKE this call...
there are THREE PAGES of countries with URGENT HELP PHONE-IN CENTERS...
just click the page numbers at the bottom right of the page.

PLEASE, just to talk to someone who is TRAINED...now....
for me, man, PLEASE, ok??

I know you can, Pie....you are not the only one who has faced this sort of
crisis...you have friends like me, we want you to SOAR....this can be worked
out, man....please, do call.....NOW !


12-04-09, 08:09 PM
:sm (12):

12-04-09, 08:14 PM
You call, man.....they can help you think your issues through...no big deal, just call.

12-04-09, 08:16 PM
As I said I have no money to pay for such conversations.

No one can help me.

When I open my mouth and eyes and croak I will be helped by my friends the deiners at the morgue, they liked me anyway.

12-04-09, 08:19 PM
Give me your number off-line, I will call one of these phone banks in the country where you want me to call..and ask them to call you back at your cell-phone, how is that, man??

12-04-09, 08:21 PM
MeatPie, Give life another chance!

-Life sucks yes, but even non-necros are going through some very shity times. But the promise of a better tomorrow is always there. Yes sometimes its hard to contemplate things getting better, but they do. Remember that life is cyclical. We will have our ups and downs. We are in a downturn now, which means that an upturn is what's next!

-you are a hot looking dude, young, and obviously intelligent. We need more like you not less.
Please re-consider!

12-04-09, 08:26 PM
dude, I am so fucked. I got so close to what I wanted it and I can't take it because of the working condiotns.

Everyone will be disappointed don't you think.

I am not to blame that the morgue in Sofia

-doesn't have enough body bags
-doesn't have enough fridges for all 150 corpses melting at the basement
-they can't provide workers with basic protection

Now how fucked is that


and once i saw those naked dead guys on slabs jesus I can't stop thinking about going back...and while I wait I read on the news that they receive 25 year old studs...30 year old dudes

now how insane is this

how I feel...how I can't decide what to do

Depression is different from bitter disappointment

never expected such a bad fail

12-04-09, 09:03 PM
Oh PieMan...

Then GO BACK to the morgue, you said still not too late...but GO OUT and BUY PROTECTIVE GEAR, tell them you are doing that so you can be at ease in your mind and not worry about infections....that the protective gear will help you be a BETTER WORKER.

PUT a positive spin on it, then...wear surgical mask over your face, gloves, apron, shoes encased in like surgical pull-ons...ask at the medical supply store where you go to buy these items IF this clothing and face mask IS germ and microbe resistant, also cover your eyes and your SCALP, protect your ears with plugs..

WASH your hands a lot, SCRUB up when you leave, EAT NOTHING while there, EAT NOTHING until you WASH UP FIRST...remember, going in there is LIKE GOING INTO A RADIOACTIVE CHERNOBYL where EVERYTHING is EXTREMELY CONTAMINATED and EXTREMELY DEADLY ... because IT IS.

TRY IT OUT if you MUST, but BE PROTECTIVE...watch that you do not JAB YOURSELF with tainted cutting tools, because you could get HIV or WHATEVER if your skin is pierced with the blood of any dead person, you could BECOME INFECTED with their INFECTION(S).

DO you have a very good health insurance policy??? BECAUSE WHAT if you BECOME VERY ILL...WHO is going to pay for your medical care WHILE in the hospital, all the MDs to take care of you, ALL the Rx it will take to hopefully cure you !

THEN ask yourself AGAIN...


AND I hope that the answer your sensible BRAIN will answer BACK throughout your HEAD and all the way down to your boning for it COCK...


I am here to help you, man, all you need to do is give me your Skype cell-phone number, I will talk to you, I will find someone in Europe TRAINED to talk to you.

YOU are making sorta "light" of all this right now, but HEY, THIS IS REAL, YOU have a TOUGH CHOICE HERE, you are being TORN in two directions, you are CONFUSED, you are upsetting your family/friends, you are facing NO income, you are feeling like a loser...

MAN, BUD, you are having a hard time...but like AGUY SAYS, this is all cyclical, IT IS NOT THE END, Pie !!

FUK, COME ON, Pie....a lot of us are here to support you, I want to help you...

LOOK, if you are too shy or fearful or your male EGO will not ALLOW you to reach out to US or to anyone to HELP YOU...then just KNOW that I CARE about you a whole lot, I AM ALWAYS HERE to help, I want you to check your PRIVATE MAIL HERE....

AND we are here to help you, too....so take comfort in that, and MAN, just hang in there...

I can do no more for you, Pie....without YOU coming at least 5% of the way so I can HELP YOU

12-04-09, 09:20 PM
You are right, I really feel like a loser.

And I am not brave. If I was a brave dude I go and sign the fucking papers and take the job.

I am sure if I take it they are gonna exploit me, I am gonna do all the dirty work, they'll make me peel a rotter off the morgue floor at which I will puke.

This is nightmare what has happened devastated me inside.

I guess thats what happens when you have too high expectations from life.

From all the pics and vids we post I built an image that morgues are beautiful places where only young studs reside.

That is becasue we filter out all the bad stuff, the rotters, the elderly, the fat woment etc...

But real world is different.

The real world stinks real bad sometimes.

12-04-09, 09:30 PM
YES, the "real world stinks real bad sometimes"...you got THAT so right !!

AND no matter what kind of "charmed" life some guys live, sooner or later, they find this fact out as well !


So what to do ?

Throwing the towel in,that is a choice.

BUT look....I am convinced...that to be a REAL MAN......you have to FIGHT in this world.

FIGHT BACK...."yeah, life ain't fair, but I am not going to allow THAT FACT to DEFEAT ME ! "

LIVING is much harder than dying ANY day.

It takes REAL BALLS to live....and to go on.

BUT then as we do, we discover that LIFE is not ALL bad, there is a lot of good in it , too ...with lots of good things, good events, good friends, good opportunities.

Life is both BAD ..and GOOD.

But we must go through the BAD times to GET to the GOOD TIMES.

SO don't give up, Pie....you have come to us for help, that is GOOD !

HEY...that is why we are here, to help each other, through the best and worst of times !

Man, you RAWK, don't EVAH forget THAT.....and I want yous around a whole lot more to ra-RAWK with, oh yah, fer shure, YOUS SHURE BETTCHAS !!!

12-04-09, 09:43 PM
Humans are interesting species because we always want more and more from life and we are never quite satisfied.

Look at Britney, she has everything but still not happy and doing drugs and taken to mental institutions.

And Heath Ledger? He was handsome, prosperous....why did he had to take those fucking pills and mix with booze?

Maybe something tortured him inside?

Imagine Heath Ledger's naked dead body on a table. And they took pics of him...

They are probably release them in 30 years....

I wish I never had this obsession N E V E R

I want to be normal. My sister saw I was depressed and want to take me to a shrink.

Dad threatened me if I don't find a job I will be a total failure in his eyes.

Mom is also screaming all the time to pull myself together and start living like normal people - drive a fast car, eat pussy drink beer and raise a few kids...

I can't I am different.

Necro is so devastating. Most people say "ooohhh you are cute, you must have a great girlfriend. Is she cute like you?"....

crazy life just crazy and insane and phucked.

How do you explain to someone you get a boner from dead guys? HOW?

12-04-09, 10:06 PM

You explain it in this way:

"WE are not ALL wired the SAME WAY, end of story."

WE are a RARE BREED....we are precious, like the rarest of rare mushrooms, or the rarest of an exotic bird of animal.

We are treasures, we are SEERS.....we are SEEKERS.....we are STRUGGLERS....and thanks to you, Pie, I know that I am not the ONLY guy in this whole world who has these lusts and passions.

I have not figured it all out, some guys want to find the causes for it and others just enjoy it, this is what I have learned about being a necro gay and having other guys I have come to know who have this "wiring."

NOW is not the time to "delve" into all the whys and hows of all of this; it just IS, it is WHO we are, so HEY, let's not dwell on it.

WE are not hurting innocent children, to me, that is an unspeakable HORROR and truly shameful, that whole pedophile scene is truly HORRENDOUS !

WE are not anything like any of that !

We appreciate guys who are good looking, and we remember them and acknowledge them in death as the hot guys there were.

WE remember them, and we struggle with this thing called life and death, we try to understand it...and we have become a world-wide community, THANKS TO YOU, because of it.

Pie, this is not an end for you, this nasty morgue place.

YOU make the choice whether to go back or not, WE will support you in whatever choice you make.

BUT know that you are not a loser, you like we are just differently "wired"...we are a rare breed, for sure, but that makes us special and truly remarkable...and we HARM no ONE, only admire our BROTHERS, so I think that this is an ADMIRABLE "rare breed" to be.

Pie, stop beating yourself up. You deserve better than that, are better than that...just get some rest, man.....relax.....get a break from all of this here, hey, you hungry?? Get a PIZZA or something you like to eat, go watch a movie on TV or on a CD player if you have one, listen to music you really like, take a break from all this for a while......

Just know that that morgue place is NOT the "only show in town"....and it shure ain't, yous knows that, oh yah, YOUS BETTCHAS IT shure AIN'T !!

13-04-09, 08:14 AM
The morgue in sofia is the only place I can get to see naked dead young guys put on slabs. Its the only show in town.