View Full Version : A friend's cute 24-year old friend croaked

12-04-09, 07:50 PM
My sister tofd me a friend of her friend has just croaked from lung cancer aged 24.

He has never smoked a cigarette.

Docs at the hospital told him they had cured him when they knew it was terminal. Docs did that with my grandpa too. They do it so that people die in peace not in mental torture knowing they are dying.

So he met with friends and told them "I am fine, I am OK they helped me at the hospital".

His friends too thought he was getting better.....when suddently a few days ago dude breathed out and that was it.

He fell asleep, turned pale and stiffened.

What a bad world.

13-04-09, 01:21 AM
I always worry I'll get that because I work in dusty conditions. I wear a mask when it's very dusty but there's always some floating around. I can't wear a mask all 8 hours of the day either. Hopefully the precautions I take are enough. I've never smoked either. I'm chicken to see a doctor too in case they find something.
Sorry about your sisters friend. Do you know if he was in a lot of pain? He must've been a hot unblemished corpse.

13-04-09, 08:12 AM
Because of the structure of the lungs even large tumours don't hurt.

Grandpa died of lung cancer, no pain but extremely week and bad cough.

I am sure you won't get it verlup. But something nasty will kill us one day hope its fast and painless.