View Full Version : I filled in those fucking documents...

12-04-09, 06:22 PM
Jesus. I filled all the documents needed to start the morgue job and put them in a file.

I am ready to go tomorrow.

But I don't have the guts to do it...no pun intended.

I fear infection, I hate the smell, I fear the guts of obese victims.

I will pull people's guts basically and take out their brains.

What a job.

Arrow said never to go back to that filthy morgue....

I am again in to minds. That fucking bipolar is killing me.

Will it be a mistake if I go back?

If I don't go tomorrow my dream is over to work in a morgue, you don't get such chances very often.

:confused: Complete fucking mess.

12-04-09, 06:40 PM
Did you ever get tested yet to see if you're already infected anyways? D:

When you're working just keep thinking of ice cream and bunnies to keep your mind off the smell. Imagine the rotting corpses to just be tree bark and chocolate syrup.

Oh and now that I think of it.

If you ever move you will have morgue experience that wil help land you the job again elsewhere.

12-04-09, 06:57 PM

BE VERY SCARED. The risk of multiple, heinous, vehement, communicable INFECTION is
99.999 % in that MORGUE to which you are so drawn.

YOU would not EVER get me BACK in there, NEVER...and I am a gay necro, too, have been your bud for YEARS, we are BROS, man,

Realize, PieMan, that your logical BRAIN is GIVING YOU the CORRECT INFO to LOATHE that FILTHY PLACE and not to go back there, and to STAY AWAY from there !

CHOOSE LIFE for yourself, man, NOT disease-smitten DEATH !!!

12-04-09, 07:14 PM

Another FACT to consider.

I have known you for YEARS...I would venture longer than 95% of the other guys or whatevers here on this website.

I am FOR you, ALWAYS have been, ALWAYS will BE.

YET...I have noticed that some of the comments BACK from other posters on this website seem to be coaxing you BACK into that FILTHY, DISEASE-RIDDLED MORGUE.

BE MINDFUL, PieMan...that NOT everyone on this CDG website HAS your BEST INTEREST in their heart...YES, I think there are some here who WANT to SEE you become VERY SICK and DIE.

PieMan, you should not listen to JUST ANYONE HERE...you should listen to those who have been WITH YOU over the LONG HAUL as I have been, always WITH YOU....rather than these new "whatevers"... some of whom I strongly believe are WISHING you HARM.

YES, THAT is how I see it.

Be mindful of this PieMan...you CANNOT trust EVERYONE here, just because they "are here."

12-04-09, 07:18 PM
Suicide is my only option, I've never been so messed up in my life.

12-04-09, 07:22 PM
Suicide is my only option, I've never been so messed up in my life.

Before that, you might as well try the morgue, if it does not work, quit

12-04-09, 07:24 PM
Suicide is my only option, I've never been so messed up in my life.

WHAT ??????

That is the dumbest, stupidist, most senseless thing YOU have EVER SAID !!

YOU are not that "messed up"......and suicide is NO option whatsover.

I have given you all kinds of options; Pie, just cool down some, get out, walk, run, bicycle, you will think more sensibly again.

Get away from this place for a while, all kinds of doors will open for you, all you need to is KNOCK.

SELL those doughnuts, make contacts, hand out a business card, be the BEST and most LIKEABLE doughnut seller in SOFIA.....and YES, you will be noticed, your customers WILL LIKE YOU and want to help you get a better job and you WILL !

Pie, you have to open up the shades in your BRAIN and LET the LIGHT come IN, get rid of ALL this DARKNESS !!!!!

YOU are not destined for filth, you are destined to SHINE !

DON'T be so fatalistic.....you CAN, with a little help from YOUR friends, S O A R !

12-04-09, 07:36 PM
Before that, you might as well try the morgue, if it does not work, quit

It is hard, I can't imagine having to face those decomposing bodies melting directly on the morgue floor, they even don't have enough body bags to put them and probably reduce leakage.

Horrific morgue, horrific. How am I gonna work in such conditions.

Pie, just cool down some, get out, walk, run, bicycle, you will think more sensibly again.

I drove a bike all fucking day yesterday with cute dudes...and so what?

I didn't feel happy and all I thought was how I handle naked dead guys at the morgue and stich them up.

How can I get cured of this obsession

I think I will end up like nanaimo (eric) - shooting myself in the fucking pumpkin

there will be a nasty brain spillage

12-04-09, 07:51 PM
Well, Pie....you clearly know the "+" and the "-" about this morgue job.

It IS your decision to make.

I remain ABSOLUTELY opposed to it as I am very concerned about your welfare and health...and will never advise you to go back there, as I strongly believe that in due time you can find the kind of work you want without ALL the many serious disease risks that that filthy enviroment truly poses for YOU.

Now YOU are YOU, and you must make these ultimate choices for yourself.

HOWEVER....IF you are feeling suicidal right now, this is something totally different....and you need the help of a trained psychological counsellor NOW, as this is a MENTAL HEALTH EMERGENCY.

DO you have a "hot-line" in your city or country for those who are seriously considering suicide?

IF not, I am giving you this number...and CALL IT NOW, right now, please...do NOT delay:


12-04-09, 07:54 PM
I don't have money to call anyone, let alone international numbers.

There are no suicide lines here.

I am extremely depressed. Really down. Like nanaimo was when he tried to kill himself.

I know understand how poor dude felt.

RIP MATE I still think about you eric wherever you are dude

we will meet again in the heavens friend, probably soon

12-04-09, 08:35 PM
Mr. Pie. Answering your comment from other thread; This would be why you're weirder then me. You're obsession is just blown out of proportion and you're letting this bother you far too much. If you truly don't want to go back there then just get a normal job and enjoy your fantasy as you have been pre-morgue job. Killing yourself over something dumb like this is... dumb.

12-04-09, 09:29 PM
I can't continue with the pics and vids because once exposed to real corpses its the most beautiful thing ever.

Things can't be the same from now on.

And yes my obsession is so strong and overwhelming it has gone out of control.

I can't kill myself in sofia because the deiners will recognize me and play with my dick and toes.

13-04-09, 03:45 AM
epic facepalm...