View Full Version : If you want to know what a real morgue smells like...

11-04-09, 08:29 PM
I found a way to produce a smell that closely resembles how real morgues smell.

Take out your smelliest, dirtiest sneakers and socks.

Put them both on and drive a bike all day. Make sure the weather is warm and sunny and your feet sweat.

When you go home, sprinkle the sneakers with water so that bacteria can grow even more. Wrap them in a plastic bag and put them in a shady place at room temperature.

In three days remove the plastic bag and smell your sneakers.

MMMM nice!

Thats it!


How do I know?

Well, I forgot my smelly socks in a plastic basket in the bathroom where water had gathered on the bottom.

I drove a bike all day and was tired and just dumped them there and put the lid on, thinking I will have to wash them the next day.

I forgot them, and on the third day there was a foul smell, I opened the lid and....

oohh my smelly socks reeked like a corpse.

Because there was water and I put a lid on, bacteria had the chance to grow and multiply, giving off a nice young boy three day old smelly socks smell.

11-04-09, 10:50 PM
Meatpie i heard from a friend who joined the police that when he has to attend the morgue, he puts vicks vapour rub up his nose this masks the smell, you must have something like this in your country.
Vapor rub - strong smelling cold and chest cold medicine, like deep heat muscle relaxent.
I can imagine what the morgue smells like, last year after being out shooting crows and vermin on the farm with my mates, we had loaded the dead animals in to black plastic bags and put them in the boot of my hatchback car for taking to the town dump, something came up and the bags of dead animals were left in my car for three days in the summer heat, that was some fucking stink when i eventualy went back to the car and opened the door.

11-04-09, 10:56 PM
OK I will ask the guy at the local pharmacy, he is a friend and recommends me stuff from time to time.

Do I need a presciption? They won't give you any drug without a prescription here, except aspirin.

11-04-09, 11:04 PM
You should be able to buy it over the counter, it doesn't count as a drug here.

12-04-09, 08:36 PM
dark I am phucked where are you