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11-04-09, 01:30 PM
After my experience with the morgue in sofia I was interested how other people from around the world would describe their first encounter with human decomposition.

I found a thread on ogrish about people visiting morgues for the first time.

You can read the whole thread here:


I've posted in this thread too.

Here is what one chick from the ogrish forums said

I visited the L A County Morgue and I can tell you that the smell almost brought me to my knees. I have been a nurse for years and nothing compares to the smell of rotting bodies. Overpowering, strong, sweet, nauseating and it clings to you. I was afraid that I was going to vomit. When I went home I showered washed my hair and clothes and shoes!!Yup. That's basically how I felt.

Our morgue is more what you'd expect, an underground cinderblock building with no windows, bad lighting and a distinct smell of rot. When I went down there during the police academy, the med examiner said "We try to clean this place but there's a lot of blood around, so try not to touch the walls or the doors and DEFINITELY don't touch the floor. Are those your good shoes? Someone should have told you not to wear your good shoes. You might want to take them off before you go into your house."

There's a big walk-in "freezer" that holds a couple dozen bodies on gurneys. It's actually not a freezer, just a refridgerator cause frozen bodies are hard to work with... but unfrozen bodies slowly rot, and the stench in that enclosed room drove me out instantly. I was only sticking my head in to see what was there, but the stink immediately overwhelmed curiosity.

The coroners weren't unprofessional or disrespectful or anything, but very casual about it. There were naked corpses laying around and blood trails on the floor. When turning the bodies around to do the external exam, they flopped them around like big awkward pieces of luggage. One telling moment was when a coroner lifted a head to look at the back of it, then just sort of dropped it to BANG against the metal table. The autopsy consists of all kinda of horrible procedures like taking the brain out, sticking a syringe into the eyes to remove optical fluid, and reaching through the chest, up the neck and pulling the tongue out through the throat.

When we left, I summed it up by saying, "If I die now, I'll be scared as hell knowing that I'm gonna go through THAT."

And one dude says

When I lived in Michigan I was an operations manager for a crime scene clean up company. It stinks. How can you explain stench. A few of my technicians couldn't handle it and puked on the job through their respirators