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10-04-09, 06:28 PM
I told you I was bipolar, I can't take decisons I change my mind so often.

But the temptation is really big.

Should I go back to the morgue and sign the fucking papers on Monday?

It is all I've ever wanted to do.

But those rotting bodies still haunt me.


1. Just last week the morgue has received many bodies of young guys, I read on the news about guys dying in their homes or getting shot and taken to the morgue.
They have excellent supply of corpses. They have 4 deiners already and need to more because they can't handle all the bodies.

2. Dieners are left on their own to undress, stich up and wash, and if needed put in fridge or dress for funeral.
3. Night shifts where you are left alone on the morgue and can't take pics and vids and fuck a dead guy if you like him.


1. Appaling working conditons. Risk of infection.
2. Horrific smell. Bodies rotting and melting directly on the floor.
3. Busy schedule, including night shifts.
4. Learning how to open human skulls and remove internal organs with one pull.
5. Working with relatives of the deceased which puts extra emotional stress.
6. Handling bodies which may super obese or bodies so mangled you have to stich them for hours.

SOO, whats your verdict guys?

10-04-09, 07:16 PM
Meatpie, I can't tell you that you'll get used to it, or whether it is the right thing for you. But uit's so easy to quit when somethjng doesn't immediately work out right and easy - since you're asking for our advice, I'd say go back on Monday, give it long enough to work out whether it's right for you. Maybe you will get used to it, maybe not, but you'vw anted this for so long, don't give up without giving yourself a proper chance.
And fgo well, and take the right decision, whichever it is!

10-04-09, 07:24 PM
Thanks man.

It would be awesome if I could just somehow get used to the smell.

Blood and guts don't impress me but those fucking smells are really able to make anyone want to run a mile.

I can't imagine when we decompose we will also be like this.

Cute now and flattened and brown in the future.

Jesus. What a fucked up place this world is.

10-04-09, 07:47 PM
You must kill your self Meatpie. You are fucking gay necro :sm (40): No life, no job, no kids, no woman, no nothing. Live without sence :sm (40):

10-04-09, 07:51 PM

10-04-09, 08:01 PM
Come and kill me buddy and put me out of my misery....I am a pussy and not brave to kill myself.

10-04-09, 08:03 PM
The ugly duckhing :sm (40):

10-04-09, 08:07 PM
The ugly Slovenian. FUCK YOU.

Serbs are much better than you.

10-04-09, 08:08 PM
STFU Meaty :D


11-04-09, 01:51 AM
If this job can provide you with just a little bit of peace then take it. If pics and videos are enough for you, then don't.

11-04-09, 08:20 AM
If you really want to deal with all the cons then go for it. But the way I see it you're going to keep regretting it forever if you don't because you've already seemed to have started to. So do you really want to face it or fall further into your apparent depression, or try to somehow drop the whole morgue fantasy job if possible? If you do take it you'll truly know more then most people here about dead people. Gaining much knowledge. :)

11-04-09, 08:50 AM
If this job can provide you with just a little bit of peace then take it. If pics and videos are enough for you, then don't.

It will give me satisfaction and peace. I felt great around naked corpses...but those monsters, the rotters, would be hard on anyone.

Pics and vids no longer do it for me, I want real corpses.

If you really want to deal with all the cons then go for it. But the way I see it you're going to keep regretting it forever if you don't because you've already seemed to have started to. So do you really want to face it or fall further into your apparent depression, or try to somehow drop the whole morgue fantasy job if possible? If you do take it you'll truly know more then most people here about dead people. Gaining much knowledge. :)

I can't just "drop" my fantasy, can you?

I regret I was so weak yes. I should have taken the job right away.

But there are things I can't deal with and I think even if I start I will fail.

11-04-09, 09:33 AM
My interest in this is nowhere as near as strong as you guys' so I'm not bothered by it. Just find a new job then and RP as a mortician till you find a clean one to work in one day? :)

11-04-09, 11:02 AM

I think your either you necro is very strong or you are very bored because you spend a lot of time on cdg.

11-04-09, 01:24 PM

THE RISK of INFECTION is ASTRONOMICAL....why would you, being a sane and bright guy, expose yourself to all of that....such HIGH risk of infection in such a filthy, crawling with vehehmently virile, impressive disease making organisms????

What are you thinking??? "HEALTH is WEATLH," PieMan....YOU want to end up incurably, wretching in brutal pain SICK from such virolent infections that have taken OVER that filthy, from hell, stinking, nightmarish with rampant, open diseased on the dead MORGUE ?????

:eek: :sm (22): :totalshock: :sm (46): :sm (41): :sm (37):

11-04-09, 01:27 PM
Pleae arrow we will all die horrific deaths sooner or later.

Why I want a morgue?

Because I am a fucking necro I love morgues, but my stomach turns when I see a rotter leaking in my feet

11-04-09, 01:40 PM

Not ALL die from HORRENDOUS, long-suffering, high-fever, costly, wasting away INCURABLE diseases in which no one EVEN wants to visit you due to being CONTAGIOUS...from HEINOUS diseases, the kind of which are FESTERING and have TAKEN over that MORGUE from Satan's HELL !!!!

Many just DIE of old age, THAT is not so painful as DEATH by EATING AWAY at your FLESH INCURABLE INFECTIONS...or HEART ATTACKS, BOOM, you are GONE !

OR other afflictions.

TRUE, NO one leaves this world ALIVE in their present state, 100 yrs from now most all who are ten yrs old or older will BE DEAD.

BUT it is the QUALITY of your LIFE, PieMan....do you want to become SO ILL, SO YOUNG...with body eating DISEASE like HIV or CANCER or TB or HUMAN FLESH EATING PARASITES of EVERY KNOWN and UNKNOWN KIND ???????

What are you thinking, man ??? THERE HAVE TO BE CLEAN MORGUES in which to work in Bulgaria !!! WHAT about working in a morgue in a CLEAN, MODERN HOSPITAL or going into be a PARAMEDIC or ER medical assistant???

THERE are other ways to pursue this interest of yours WITHOUT working in such a creepy- crawlers EVERYWHERE virolent DISEASE LADEN HELLHOLE !!!!!

Come on, PieMan, you are too bright and too talented .... you know better, you just need a little help from your friends to see this.

:sm (37): :sm (37): :sm (37)::sm (42): :sm (42):

11-04-09, 01:46 PM
Help me move out of this shithole country then.

Will I be able to find a job in Chicagoland? Or end up as an undentified eastern europe dude who came in search of a better life but ended up in chicagolands morgue

11-04-09, 01:53 PM

You have experience in business, right?? A degree from a university? Let me know your background, off-line....e-mail to me here or at my e-mail.....I want to know what your marketable skills may be, then look into this for you here in Chicagoland....

And again, if you are sponsored by a USA citizen, would that make it easier for you to migrate to the USA??

11-04-09, 02:06 PM
There are three ways I can move to the US.

1. Family member

- I don't have any family in the US. My great grandpa lived in the US for 80 years and on his dying bed he said "you are not becoming immigrants" So we stayed. Otherwise I could have moved directly to his house as he had no kids. I will never forgive my family for making this fucking mistake.

2. Marriage

- Maybe I can marry an America pussy fictitiously. Maybe you can suggest some american dating sites so that I can chat up fat nigger girls there?

I am sure they will like a handsome lean educated eastern european dude.

3. Exceptional Academic/Science Achievments

- I have only a Bachelor's Degree.

And Arrow, I hate the corporate world.

I just want a clean decent morgue to work in.

I've made my decison once I've been exposed to real corpses there is no turning back.

11-04-09, 05:27 PM
Well, I worked in the pathology of a large hospital...
I was a very great job, yet I stopped it, Why?
Because they did not protect us, the technicians, from infection.
I had to put the femur, the thighbone, through a saw, so you get all the bonedust in the air, and I was not given a mask, also they refused to pay the shots against hepatitis ....
so I stopped. But it was a great experience.

You could try getting a job in western europe? Best would be in a hospital morgue, as the bodies there are not so rotten, yet people who died of cancer can be almost as bad.

11-04-09, 07:23 PM
Its the same here.

Working conditions are appaling. The technicans saw the skulls with no protection - mask or goggles like they have in the US.

So I better not start at all, is that what you are trying to say?

11-04-09, 08:13 PM
You could move to Mexico and sneak across the boarder with the rest of them and hopefully not get eaten by gators.

11-04-09, 08:17 PM
I think they now have tigher border control.

Mexico has lots of cute young guys in morgues, while in america it is mostly obese niggers...some cute guys too but not on the scale in South America

11-04-09, 08:46 PM
Not really. America's obese is mainly older guys 30 or 40+ Most guys my age are skinny twinks and jock types, especially the gays. As I've said before, lot of our gays try to be as skinny and/or muscular as possible.
Hell, back in high school my entire 2 combined gym classes and swim class were all skinny with abs and shit. Fat guys were the minority. Same when I lived in college dorm with sexy straight guys running around shirtless. Maybe it's just my generation is more concerned with physical appearance then our parent's generation. I'm much skinnier then you are, too, meatpie. :) God there's so many super obese old farts though, lol. And the gay ones are really perverted and hit on cute younger guys in bars and clubs, which is why I never go to them.

11-04-09, 08:52 PM
I don't want to be skinny I want to be fit. It gets harder as the years go buy.

The important thing is for a dude to be cute in the face...it opens a lots of doors.

Even morgue ones.

I think you have too high self-esteem dogfood, are you fuckign cute in the face I once asked you?

Gay guys are really insane and perverted at least I agree on that.

If you are cute in the face and lean you have the right to be inflated but otherwise the way you talko to me and if you are not cute and if I knew you in real life I will do my best to crush you....verbally of course.

11-04-09, 09:07 PM
Yeah, though I don't have too high of self-esteem but guys seem to find me cute and always hit on me. I'm far from the flaming narcissist asshole queer type if that's what you think. :) Are you mad at me for something?

11-04-09, 09:11 PM
No just curious. I love talking to you, but it is obvious from your behaviour on the board that you are quite an inflated bitch.

I love guys like that but I need to see whether you are cute in the face or you are just imagining things.