View Full Version : Best Friend: Morgue job? Went to the morgue? You are a necro!

08-04-09, 08:05 PM
The weather was great today my best friend called me and asked if I wanted to go out with the bikes.

We did and I decided to tell him about my morgue experience.

He kept silent for a while, probably considering whether this was a joke or the real thing.

He is studying biology and although they dissect frogs he was shocked to hear that at human autopsies the brain is removed.

"No way you can work in a morgue. If you decide to do it you are a necro.

You are so sick. Are you gonna take pics of their cocks and post them on the internet?" he asked.

Now that was a nice one.

"No, of course not. You think like a necrophile" I replied.

I guess he made the connection as to why I wanted to put him on a slab last year.

15-11-09, 07:24 AM
have you ever considered working in a hospital as either a nurse's aide or orderly? Then you would be able to give baths for those who cannot take one themselves and if they die, you can wheel them to the morgue! You should check into it - fresh, not nasy or smelly and many (I'm sure) cute dead guys... There is a huge demand for medical personnel where I live. Have you considered workng in America?

15-11-09, 11:04 AM
I can't even visit the US on a holiday let alone work there.

15-11-09, 07:19 PM
Sounds like your friend has been thinking along the same lines as we do, think he has necro wishes as well.

22-02-16, 09:20 PM
I love it! I love it! I love it! Nice to know you are not alone in the world. BTW I have close friends who work in morgues but I never thought I would get any work done if I worked there myself. I guess I wouldnt make a very good employee but what a way to get fired!

23-02-16, 02:35 AM
I would never get any work done either! I have always wanted to work in a morgue for obvious reasons, but I'm pretty sure I'd end up getting caught.

23-02-16, 03:14 PM
Would like a roommate who worked in a morgue...and brought his work home at night.

05-03-16, 08:43 PM
I can't even visit the US on a holiday let alone work there.

Why what happened??, Did you get banned from visiting the USA?

02-09-17, 06:13 PM
Meatpie, whats up with your visa status? Why cant you visit USA?:wtf: