View Full Version : If necros can't take it, what about ordinary people

07-04-09, 07:11 AM
Being a necro, I like corpses and I don't mind the open skulls.

But the smell and sight of a rotter is out of this world.

I now understand why ordinary people cringe when they have to visit a real morgue. Nothing like you see in CSI.

Its absolutely not for the faint-hearted. Many of you are disappointed in me, I know.

If it was a clean sterile morgue like they have in the US I would 100% take it.

But its a filthy, disgusting eastern european morgue with bodies decomposing directly on the floor.

This shouldn't be allowed in normal conditions but the fridges are full to the top and there are 150 bodies they don't know where to put.

They just leave them to rot for months. And in the summer it can fet up to 40'C in Sofia.

08-04-09, 03:00 AM
Perhaps this can be an opportunity for you to be a whistle blower or crusader. Work from withing to change the standards of Morgues in your country. I always try to find opportunities in horrible situations ( Americans are pros at that). This could be an opportunity to CHANGE how morgues are run and maybe one day your efforts will pay off by how bodies are properly treated instead of letting them rot and melt on the floor like some sort of road kill. It only takes one person to change something.

08-04-09, 07:24 AM
In my country no one cares for anything. We are a failed state. They weren't even sure if they were able to provide special clothing for the morgue workers.

150 corpses are left to melt on the floor because no one cared for them, its mostly homless people. According to our law they cannot be buried until a relative identifies them.

Police can't find the relatives so the corpses just melt....the fridge is full to the brim. 100 bodies are stuffed in the big fridge no room for more..so 100 are just left to rot in the summer heat at the basment of the morgue.

You can sniff the corpses even at street level.

08-04-09, 08:57 AM
Thats terrible meatpie. They should have the courtesy to embalm the bodies so that they dont rot. We are NOT disappointed in you. OK? How many of us could handle a room full of rotters? I know what it smells like when meat goes bad in my fridge. I can only imagine that you'd have to multiply that by one thousand, and add putrid fluid. It would be horrid.

You did very well.

08-04-09, 09:18 AM
Thanks feet. I disappointed you guys I realize that.

Its a big blow for me too, you can achieve your dream here, I should have moved to the US long time ago when my great grandpa was still alive.

He lived in the US for 90 years and when he croaked we wanted to leave but he said, "No, you are not becoming immigrants".

Fuck you. My life is ruined because of that stupid decison. I can't achieve anything in Bulgaria.

I will be stuck for the rest of my life and probably commit suicide.

I want dead feet and naked corpses, not selling doughnuts.


I AMM SOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY FUCKED I can't belive this is really happening

08-04-09, 09:21 AM
and I want YOU meatpie.

08-04-09, 09:31 AM
I am an awesome dude yes and I want you too feet.

Cute in the face, sweet body excellent manners. I won't be like that forever I know and I live in a shithole nation.

They like me everywhere I go...but no one knows how sick I am inside.

It is ture that handsome people have more opportunities and get more attention.

But so what?

I am still fucked and unhappy.

08-04-09, 06:32 PM
Forgive my ignorance. But is it a difficult process for citizens in your country to lobby and have laws changed? How big of an uphill battle do you think it will be to change health and regulatory laws concerning morgues? What is the attitude towards the deceased in your country?

08-04-09, 07:28 PM
In Eastern Europe they don't care about the living, let alone the dead.

They are not enough body bags at the morgue, and even not enough protective equipment for the moruge pesonnel.

Employees are forced to ask for money from relatives although this is against the law. Employes have also been caught selling remains and bones of unidentified people to US firms who need such material. The give them $100 for a kilo, when it actually costs $5,000 in America.

Forensic experts don't care about their cases and rarely enter the morgue as it stinks and all is covered in pieces of rotting human flesh.

The global economic crisis is going to ruin this country, this is just the beginning.

I don't know how I am gonna survive.

This is a nightmare for hell and I have to live through it.