View Full Version : Thank you for making this site

25-03-09, 03:11 AM
I feel normal at last. You wouldn't believe the shit I got on the last site I was posting on. http://www.topix.com/forum/news/sex/T1L1ME0RSE7KHS98R That link should take care of introduction. I just wish I found this place two months ago. I'm moving house today, and I'm gonna be offline for a few weeks. I can't wait to have my own internet connection again so I can talk with you guys about all the stuff I've been wanting to talk to other people about on a normal level.

25-03-09, 10:27 AM
Thats really insane. I read your posts. It's great you are brave enough to speak about your feelings in that manner.

I think you are very lucky, I still haven't fucked a dead guy.

25-03-09, 04:04 PM
I'll add my thanks as well, even though my preference is for female corpses!

Before Lucy came along, I was a solitary necrophiliac posting on Topix. It was good to be able to post openly about what I am, and not have to pretend, but it was still quite lonely being the only necro!

Then Lucy came along, and since then I've discovered The Necro Files and now this place...

Who knows how many more necrophiliacs are out there who have no idea sites like these exist? It can be quite lonely being a necrophiliac and having to hold your feelings inside, never talking to another soul about them.

25-03-09, 04:18 PM
I have met people in real life who have admitted to me they are necro.

27-03-09, 02:28 AM
This is a great site and meatpie and others should be very proud of themselves.

27-03-09, 08:42 AM
Thank you.

I will be proud when they hire me at the morgue...currently I am terribly disastisfed with how things are in my life.

I love the site but it's not enough.