View Full Version : Heart stopping embarassing moments

11-03-09, 12:07 AM
When I was 18 I moved out of my parent's house and lived with a roommate for a few months.

One day he was at the university and I was having a day off. I was bored.

I undressed myself stark naked and started jacking in the corridor in front of the mirror, I had a great fucking body.

The mirror is near the front door.

I got carried away.

All of a sudden he rushes in. No time to move or cover myself.

He looked directly at my cock.

He didn't say anything but I was mortified.

I can't get over this to this day and its amazing he moved out of town otherwise it could be a lot worse if we remained friends. I once saw him and blushed so bad, like the red on this forum.

He married last year and has a kid.

What are your most embarrasing moments?