View Full Version : I want to....

28-02-09, 09:29 AM
I want to catch the captive young soldier conscripts who are lost and failed to escape in war.

I want to catch them all for my captive and take them to my soldier's concentration camp.

They're all shaky because afraid in his future in this camp.That make them more handsome and sexy.

All of young soldiers are in afaid tense excited and nerve these make them bulge croath.

I see that all that make me crave. I start to take gun on they's head and force them to take off all cloth and underwear.Then force them get on the soldier conscript uniform but no underwear or panties.

Then my team come and bunch the conscript's hands in the back(cross soldier's arms in back).

in this time you can listen soldier's voice yammer and cry.Someone plead for his life because around them have the soldier's body in dead with tortune and sadistic.They know what I will do for them.

So I draw my knife. and catch one of the soldier heave on the ground.He plead for his life and cry out.

But I love his to cry and scream it's sexy.But I don't care for his mind.So I begin to..............