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One guy offered to realize my fantasy to reality ... I disembowel
Hi everyone! I have a strange attachment. that I seemed to kill gut and make me a mummy ... it is my strong sexual fantasy
I have read on the Internet with a man (he's much older than me) who said that their imagination ... and (my god!) Said that he can do it!
I think over his proposal
here's his letter:

Hello Anton!
Neither of which I can not help it!!
I did as I can not forget you my Caucasian boy with a Russian name! ...
You do not even realize how much our meeting was not random
When you open up about what happened to you in the army of me did not escape the fact that you are not experienced, not only of hatred and resentment, even at that doctor ... and I realized that you liked most
Yes exactly like what happened to you ...
And after our game with you, I finally became convinced that you are exactly the person I was searching all my life
Yes, yes, Anton is a lifetime!
Anton you perfect VICTIM !!!!!
No not a trivial sacrifice maniac Ripper
and the victim (note I'm writing the word with a capital !!!!)
These guys were born just as the victims for offerings to the gods!
Such is you!
What happened to you in the army is that one doctor (and I do not know his name!) Caught it instinctively or consciously
Although what follows from your story, it is also understood (and I).
Even then you have a fetish that white swimming trunks that do not excist
It is important color
sacrifices in ancient times wore simultaneously in all white!!
I have thought about how I will clothe you, after all ..
You'll be wearing it in white
all in white, you will just !!!!.
as it said in our correspondence as I have you "prepared ".....
Well here I Antoshka you write as ...
I (and you too !!!!) very exciting swollen belly guy
I really liked it when I pumped you
Remember our games? ..
. Those white pants because you were obtyag and very excited I))
I generally like your fetish .. and I decided
You can use this liquid, which pump you, like last time
but it is better to use for this wine.
That's right ... wine, red wine.
A few hours before vsparyvaniya we'll sit, I lay the table that would feed you delicious food and then begin to fill your belly with red wine, the sacrificial!
By the way, Anton, at this stage you will have a chance to stop.
If you decide firmly (and I'm sure I can convince you of that!) Then you sing tightly squeezed it all a lot of wine, peremeshku with milk (I remember that you have much of it is bloating e)
You have to go strong expansion inside the intestines from eating and drinking, (gas to be released in a chemical reaction).
I hope you were stoned, you'll have to give drugs, but not much.
In the mind I'll try to keep as long as possible. You must see and feel how cold steel rips your crowded womb, as I push through a cut hand and pull out your guts. To do this, you do a local anesthetic of the peritoneum.
When you're ready I put you on the table.
There is such a steel. Its use in the field morgues pathologists.
Almost like was our first "game" when you come to me.
Your warm fresh rip and eviscerated body will slowly cool down on it and it will be great Antoshka.
Once I put you on the table, I will introduce you to a relaxant (and at that time, but this time a slightly larger dose !!!!).
First, I will caress and lick your swollen belly like a madman. Licking your sweat and the smell of your body.
I'll lick your penis, perineum, testicles, breasts, armpits.
Will not do it until not satisfy your taste Caucasian hairy body!
I think that at this time under the pressure of you are likely to go out gases. You can not control this process. This excites me even more. Gaza is part of your guts, which I'll soon be gutting.
I'll suck your cock and jerk off. A knife with the other hand are attached to the stomach to the point of a member, just against the bladder. Not much nadovlyu to fix at this point. . Nadrezhu muscles so that blood flowed from under a weak stream of the blade. And once you have an orgasm and cum shot into my mouth I quickly I will give you a knife in the stomach. Not deeply centimeters 10-15. Urine in this section mixed with the blood of a fountain and a flood siganet my face. I shall pound it all on his face. It is also strongly excite me.
Knife so as not to damage the intestines, I will hold the surface of the white line your stomach exposing only the peritoneum, muscle and gland to thoracic kletki.I start from the bottom of his stomach to empty.
Very storozhno elongation of the abdomen and all the guts. You will feel like my hands crumple your guts, but the pain will not, and vice versa rush of pleasure that you have never felt in my entire life. You'll see how I pull your gray-streaked, slippery, shiny intestine and colon as a start to wind his arms. Intestine will be elastic, slippery, clogged with all that you ate and drank the last time in my life, gray in color with swollen veins. They will hang out of your tummy on the floor itself.
Impossible pleasure overwhelm you all. You lose consciousness of the feeling of ecstasy and blood loss. I remember how you liked the term "organokomleks" (this is the whole intestinal tract of your tongue until your hairy ass!)
, So here I will shed light to you all of it!
After gut I'll cut a lot of pechen.V liver blood vessels and it is unlikely I will be able to pull them all. Then I think you finally lose consciousness.
What will happen is you will not see Antony.
Petomu I'll detail what I would do after that
Next you'll cut out of the kidney, spleen, and everything else that is called leavers.
The last thing devoutly'll get your heart.
To do this, the ventral cutting will not believe. I vzrezhu you part of the chest, ribs and will draw razdvinu this treasure, your heart !!!!!
. At the end evisceration.
I will check all your hands inside that would not verify whether a body is left in distant places.
The final will extract your brain from the skull ... I will not write as I do
know what interpretation to cut your skull, I will not
There are other ways to do it.
even you have to open the scrotum and testicles removed!
Otherwise you will not be able to keep the body!
And I always keep it!
After all this, I begin to prepare your body for embalming. At the beginning of your interior thoroughly rinse with water. Promo to the pelvis and spine. Your body from the outside, too, all otmoyu. Dame a little water stech.Obotru you all linen towels.
After that, three hours you plug in the device to download a special embalming solution in your arteries. Further shipped by your body in a bath with a special solution for 3-days. Well, after going to do in my own little Anton (volosatoe!!) God ...
All chest cavity and abdomen of course I will fill synthetic padding. Since it is not organic!
and it is not subject to rot.
And then my stomach darn Antony.
And of course I will not forget about your white bathing suit .. I wear them for you !!!!.
Although I have already ordered a sew in that I will clothe you ... or rather your so welcome to my body ..
for you are a tight-fitting white silk tights of the same tight silk tight-fitting swimming trunks are your genitals ... .
I was preparing a place where I "store" you ... Because I finally do something with you that I always wanted!
And you will be my LAST FOREVER MY-Anton!
Well, something like this will be ....
Yes, my boy, I think you do not need to remind that if you "complain" where - I can solve your problem as it is very easy!
I am not in any way threaten you just warning ....
But you should know Anton is IMPORTANT! All of what I write - I'll do only with your consent !!!!( without him I did not do what you !!!!- it is important to me!)
But then I just know that you yourself want it and Anton for the sake of pleasure that you have experienced once you go to all that I as a physician I tell you!
So Anton I await your answer ...
Your Alex.

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