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20-08-11, 08:58 PM
I woke up to go to the bathroom and saw my room mate was still laying in bed, even though he was supposed to be at work hours earlier. He NEVER sleeps late and is never late to work... EVER... so I thought something must be wrong. Then suddenly I got the idea he must be dead, having died in his sleep. He sleeps in his briefs, he was sleeping on his belly and somehow the waistline of his briefs was pulled down a bit and showing his crack. The idea that he might be dead, along with a view of the hot ass I was about to fuck, gave me an instant rock hard boner, and I got this crazy rush of energy and the hair on my upper body stood on end. At this point I thought. I went into my room to get a condom and lube, as my energy rush was leveling off I thought I might check to make sure he is dead, doing things in the wrong order. So I peeked my head into his room again and knocked on the wall, keeping the lower half of my body and tented boxers out of view. He didnt respond to some pretty loud knocking and calling out of his name, so then I started to move towards him and before I could get close enough to feel his body he moved his leg a little, and I back up out of the room. I was so dissapointed... yet at the same time I was happy for him that he was alive. It was such a huge mental mind fuck. He's a cool dude and long time friend of mine, I don't want him to die and would never do anything to hurt his living body. But if he should ever leave that hot body behind in my presence, I'm gonna fuck him the fuck out of him. Fuck...

20-08-11, 09:01 PM

Mag-got cock
31-08-11, 06:42 PM
Oh yeah !!! SO fucking HOTTTT !!!!