View Full Version : Can someone explain or put into perspective for me re necrophilia

18-08-11, 04:31 AM
Hi Guys,

New to this forum as I accidentally stumbled across it when I was looking for torture stuff. Just hoping to get some answers, I am very open minded so I am not looking to judge or ridicule, I simply want to expand my horizons.

As the thread title mentions can anyone who is a "necro" explain to me the fascination behind dead guys and any theories as to why you enjoy fucking a corpse over someone alive?

Also what about in terms of relationship and companionship, can a necro have a "typical" relationship with a living person? Or would you constantly fantasise about killing your significant other?

My mind goes to dark places when I am horny but once I cum, afterwards I just want to play video games, hang out with the boyfriend, surf the net etc etc.

I imagine the same would be for a necro as well but how do you have a typical relationship with your partner? Or does your sexual deviance take over your desires for companionship?

Thanks for taking your time to answer!

18-08-11, 05:09 AM
How fascinating that you are into torture, but can not understand necro. Necro is merely another form of bdsm. Are you into consensual torture, or do you seek extreme scenarios, such as kidnapping, rape and snuff. Are you really here by accident? What other torture sites have you come across. Are you a master or slave...top or bottom? When you say "hang out with the boyfriend", it makes me think you are a bit "light" when it comes to torture. All types are welcome here, though.

18-08-11, 05:19 AM
Apologies if I come across as ignorant. I am a masochist myself. Not into kidnapping, rape, or snuff. I am into pain inflicted on the male torso, so perhaps I am considered "vanilla" compared to some on this forum. In fact my fantasies rarely involve the genitals, but I digress.

It is not so much I don't understand why people are into necrophilia it is more of a "from your viewpoint what is fascinating about dead guys?"
If someone were to ask me what is it about torture that excites me I would simply say "I think it is very arousing at the thought of how much pain a man can handle" etc etc.

18-08-11, 12:24 PM
No, bokobokobok, you are not coming across as ignorant. I am a sadist, so for me the thought of "how much pain I can inflict" might sum up my feelings of arousal. With sadists and masochists, there are levels (degrees) of pain inflicted, while with necros not so much. Perhaps with necros, the levels might be the condition of the body, from basically undisturbed to thoroughly mutilated. I would not expect you to understand my passions any more than I understand yours. Human sexuality is a very complex, tangled web. I know a set of twins...one is straight, and the other is gay. Identical twins, now how the fuck did that happen?

18-08-11, 12:38 PM
Or does your sexual deviance take over your desires for companionship?

I can no longer enjoy sex with alive dudes, I get bored easily, even play dead is no longer exciting. Nothing compares to a real pale cold dead guy.

18-08-11, 02:09 PM
for some guys its the total and absolute feeling of control and power that one has over the deceased, the dead dude cannot say NO to anything you choose to do to him, he cannot walk away or leave you and he cannot judge you on anything you decide to do to him no matter how sick it might be!
he cannot protest, voice his opinion , or anything else. he must simply lie there and take it no matter what it is you do with him.......... in a way you are honoring him one last time as well.

18-08-11, 06:21 PM
maybe ist a sort of fetish for dead bodies or some of the things dead bodies have uniquly.

18-08-11, 07:20 PM
i think so. i never actually fucked a dead guy but i fantaize about having a threeway with one live guy and one dead guy.

18-08-11, 10:55 PM
I can no longer enjoy sex with alive dudes, I get bored easily, even play dead is no longer exciting. Nothing compares to a real pale cold dead guy.There's a flip side to this, too. To the extent that it is "normal" to want to give's one partner pleasure in a sexual encounter, there isn't anything all that weird about wanting to BE the "pale, cold, dead guy" that brings our partner (if he's someone like Meatpie) pleasure, is there? If I can still get a guy off after I've "assumed room temperature," that's kind of cool, isn't it? :hahahahha:

31-08-11, 01:17 AM
hi guys!
it's my first post, and I'm german. my english isn't that good.
fucking dumb question, but: has someone here ever fucked a dead body? it's my first touch
with "necros", because I'm more the torture, gore and "snuff" guy. it's really interesting here!

31-08-11, 01:52 AM
Well i'm definitely a gay necro, guess not unusual in here. If I'm dead I want to be dead at the hand of man or men, and fucked with and disposed of by men. As far my interest in corpses, they'd have to be male, adult, maybe even a bit older. Ideally not a fuckin mess...they way some of the guys on this forum would leave them (and I love you guys donlt get me wrong) but it's kind of wicked to think how they seem they could almost just be in a deep sleept. I think it boils down to for me is the utter peace, the relaxed dude, all himself, no longer out-done by his own personality. So vulnerable, a piece of meat to play with, as though it's all he was born for. Of course I'm just lettin my thoughts run wild..

12-09-11, 05:43 AM
Personally, the amount of aggression involved in killing someone, the relief it provides and the amount of stress that leaves me coupled with a calm, cooling, softening and moist body is incredible. I'm already turned on from torturing, choking, dismembering, etc. A corpse is fascinating. The way that their skin and blood pools and moves in just the same places that you've put them in, how easily their blood vessels burst and how their eyes cloud and protrude. When they stiffen and relax and their skin slips and you can wear them and they fit better than a glove. All of the insects that take to them and crawl in and out just as you can with nimble fingers and cover yourself- exposed skin or no- with all of their softening muscle and organs. Their marbling, darkening, sinking and bloating and peeling... bones whitening, eyes glazed, nails and hair becoming more and more prominent. They're beautiful, they're fascinating, they're vulnerable and you can stay as close to them and fuck them and treat them any way you want and they won't complain or curse you or berate you or run away. They're perfect.

Unlike the living. I don't like being around other people. I've had a few relationships, and despite my best efforts to maintain a normal, healthy, fun-loving boyfriend (or girlfriend), it always ends poorly. Being completely unaroused by anyone with a pulse tends to put a damper on any activity in the bedroom. Apparently, tying, blinding, cutting into, burning and strangling your partner is overwhelming and not okay, even if you coaxed a "yes, of course, whatever would help," out of them.

So, despite my best efforts, I can't have so much as a regular relationship, let alone a romantic one. I'm fairly obsessed with killing, having someone that close to me is torturous. It's not really a problem that I have to avoid others, though. It's the same thing as putting a gay man in a room full of women. They might come onto him, but even if he tries to go along with it, it won't make much of a difference in the end.

12-09-11, 06:55 AM
You could join the Army - infantry is best, and then society rewards you for killing people. As a soldier I have been around corpses, comrade and enemy, exposed fresh hard dead wet dicks but not fucked any yet.

12-09-11, 04:36 PM
I already did my time in the Marine Corps. Guns are too impersonal and I'm not an exhibitionist. It was like getting a bad hand job while a group of coworkers were watching. Honestly, if I love making and fucking corpses more than anything else, I couldn't care less what other people think about me.

19-09-11, 01:59 AM
yeah u all talk like you're active necrophiles but anyone actually fucked a dead one here?