View Full Version : Does anyone know this handsome and sexy korean guy who called Hyun Bin?

12-08-11, 02:48 PM
:super happy:
Maybe you guys have heard about his name...And in my eys,i just think he is the most sexy man in Korea,he has beautiful feet and amazing eyes,really really wonderful!Now his gossip girl is an actress from China whose name is Tang Wei(she is a leading actress of Ang Lee's film<lust,caution>)...but i always guess maybe he is a gay...so fantastic~coz he ever kissed an actor who also froms Korea.This year he is very popular in asia because of his new film<late,autumn>with Tang Wei.I wanna watch this movie eagerly
but our area doesn't have this romantic movie now...That sounds so bad for me...But Hyun Bin is a real man i've never seen the same one before...:teddybear::teddybear::teddybear:

12-08-11, 02:56 PM
He has a South Korean Teleplay which called<A Millionaire's First Love>,there are so many scenes of his white socks in this oprea...