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01-08-11, 10:12 PM
Ever since I saw this photohttp://thumbnails43.imagebam.com/14280/49bd37142798516.jpg (http://www.imagebam.com/image/49bd37142798516)here on CDGs I have been obsessed, can't get it out of my head......even dreamt about it. Dream starts out by me walking past the back of the mortuary and seeing two men unloading the open casket (wtf open casket?) so my curiosity is piqued to see the corpse and I gasp. OMG this can't be real. The two mortuary guys notice me, one says "sorry not ready for viewing", "that's OK" I answer. I just stare at the corpse. Five minutes elapse, do they think I am family and in shock? They say nothing, then one speaks "you want to be alone with him?" I say "well maybe for a few more minutes". One guy says "OK", the other guy says "for hundred bucks we come back in 30 minutes". Without pause I reach into my pocket and hand it over. He takes it and smiles "see you in 1/2 hour". They disappear into the mortuary, I look around, coast is clear........take off my shirt and shoes and socks...not because of the blood, just want to feel his still warm flesh against my hot burning flesh. I mount his beautiful body inside the casket, fitting my 6' frame perfectly. Lying on top of him the first thing I do is nuzzle his neck and ear. Soon I am biting his neck like a ravenous wolf engorging caribou (hey I hope the M.E. doesn't think my teeth marks contributed to his death). Then my hands start reaching down, first to his arms then the side of his chest and then under his chest...........then his butt. His butt feels like cantaloupe, firm, juicy, and ripe. Then the ungodlike thought starts to take over my brain......Unthinkable unspeakable, what would people think? Well my cock is rock hard and I don't usually care what others are thinking about at moments like this, my only concern is that I am going to cum shortly. Trying to clear my mind to prevent ejaculation I think about poor drowning puppy or world economy imploding.....forget that crap. I undue my belt buckle, unzip and pull down my pants and (OMG) I enter him and I bite his neck and my butt is undulating for about one last minute..........I cum full throttle, his neck is muffling my moans. OMG I just fucked a dead guy and it was like one of hottest experiences of my life. I get out of the back of car and clean myself off putting my shirt and shoes back on. The two guys aren't back yet thank goodness, what would they think (of course they know dummy). Hmmmm I ask myself, should I go to this guy's wake or funeral? Didn't know him, but we were intimate. Just then I woke up.

01-08-11, 10:46 PM
Crazy good stuff!

01-08-11, 11:55 PM
damn phizzy,
you just got me like a brick!!!!!!!!!!!
erotic and very beautiful indeed...

02-08-11, 01:53 AM
you are not alone