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08-02-09, 09:53 PM
I talked to my friend Alex who works in the police, the department where they investigate serious crime like murder and various accidents.

He has access to the morgue and several times invited me to see young guys "opened up like pigs" to use his own words.

I refused.

I know. Very stupid of me. I was afraid I was gonna have a boner and he would know I was hardcore necro.

But all of a sudden tonight he says, "We have a new colleague at work. He is 25 and likes corpses. He checks and collects all pics. So whenever there is a new case we call him to come and see the latest arrivals..."

Oh wow.

"Do you like corpses?" my friend asked.

Oh wow.

I was "uhhh why not. I wanna meet up with the guy, is he gay?"

"WTF, why do you think all guys are gay?"


Interesting discussion really. I even once entered the police with him, I should have asked for the folder with the corpse pics, I am sure there were cute dead guys in there. I saw some female workers discussing mugshots of crimanals.

They wouldn't allow me to take my cell though :((

"Look, this one is really cute," one bitch told her colleague...they both laughed.


Why are some people more lucky than others ?

My friend is allowed to use his cell at work, maybe he can snap some photos from us.

Jesus, this is crazy. I want a morgue/police job.

I hate working with alive people in a boring fucking office.

Oh do I hate it.

I have to do this, dead guys make me rock hard.

09-02-09, 02:32 AM
I'd rather be a surgeon and cut open alive people. :)

I could of gotten further into medical but I stopped pursuing it for something else. And because I didn't like the college. It was nothing as advertised.

09-02-09, 02:01 PM
what did you pursue? What do you do now?

09-02-09, 08:51 PM
secret :)

09-02-09, 09:07 PM
:( :sm (41): :sm (30): :confused::sm (20):