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14-06-11, 04:24 AM
I have noticed on the Internet that there are numerous websites that provide detailed instruction for making various chemicals such as Chloral Hydrate, Chloroform and other chemicals for rendering people unconscious or impaired.

A number of these websites present say they are providing these instructions for survivalists. Others seem to deliberate encourage sexual abuse.

What I am curious to know is whether any CDG members have gone so far as to attempt to manufacture such drugs or chemicals. You don't have to say how you did it. But, I would like to know if you got what you wanted and how did you test it. Thanks.

14-06-11, 11:10 AM
Although ive never had to make chloroform, we do use it occasionally in the labs as a solvent. One of these days I should try smuggling some out for my own devious purposes :P

15-06-11, 04:48 AM
Chloroform is a pretty common solvent. If you experiment with it, be careful. Not only can you accidentally asphyxiate someone, frequent exposure can destroy your liver. I hope they have good ventilation hoods where it is used.

15-06-11, 04:57 AM
I've never needed to manufacture my own chemicals, because I've discovered a substance legally available in the UK that leaves grown men confused, distraught and completely helpless within minutes: Tesco creamy potato salad.

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