View Full Version : My vlog channels or whatevah you want to call em..

25-04-11, 02:00 PM
hey guys i hope i post it right here.. So here are 2 channels from me..

http://www.youtube.com/user/kanwulfNL << Regulary updated with documantaries and soft gore as long youtube dont flag my acc and kills it..

http://www.ogrish.tv/memberprofile.php?uid=3004 << My personal ogrish.tv profile with my uploads.. gonna update that one also regulary.. Still working to get more vids there but it takes some time..

25-04-11, 02:03 PM

:very very bored:

25-04-11, 02:10 PM
Yes i do have an account there.. Kanwulf ;) and i do upload there.. Is that a problem ? i know about this pathethic little war with Ogrish.. But i`d rather be not part of that... Im a member in ogrish.nl like i am member at some other communities and forÓ`s..

Its useless to make war as in this scene we could better assist eachother with showing the reality around..

Tho that does not count for bope and johanna hahaha

25-04-11, 02:33 PM
Currently our community is not engaged in any kind of "forum war", I have an account at ogrish.in and we are on friendly terms with the admins.

Why do you hate Johanna and Bope, please tell us.