View Full Version : April 2011 Missouri Tornado [GALLERY]

24-04-11, 10:13 AM
This was the scene of devastation today left by a tornado which hit several counties in St Louis and tore off the roof of the city's International airport.
Almost 50,000 homes had power cuts as the storm flattened dozens of homes in Maryland Heights and Bridgeton and threw cars into the air. Miraculously only three people suffered minor injuries.

Five were taken to hospital with cuts and many more treated at Lambert airport after half the windows in the main terminal were blown out sending debris raining down on passengers.
The airport - crowded with travellers heading home for Easter - was so badly damaged it was shut down on Saturday but was planning to run a reduced flight schedule by Sunday morning.


Debris is strewn around this home in Bridgeton St Louis County. Miraculously only three people suffered minor injuries during the storm.


In this aerial photograph, homes have been destroyed in Bridgeton with neighbours surveying the damage


Robert Hayes surveys the remains of his father's house after the storm raged in Bridgeton


An officer cautiously climbs stairs of what was once a family home as colleagues search debris


A large hole is seen in the roof of the main terminal. Five people were treated in hospital for cuts when half the windows were blown out by the storm


Storm damage is seen next to a parking garage outside terminal one at St. Louis International



A shuttle bus was blown across a car park and left teetering dangerously over the edge



The damage left behind at the Starbucks outlet at the airport after the tornado struck