View Full Version : Six Months

25-01-09, 09:09 AM
Its been six months since my cute 20-year-old cousin Bobby croaked.

He commited suicide by jumping from a bridge in Sofia, he fell on railway tracks and didn't have a chance.

I first heard about a dead body on the news. I thought, "poor person, what could have been so bad to drive him to take his life like that".

Then mom comes along with a strange face. I knew someone bad had happened just from the look on her face.

"Did someone die?", I asked.

"Yes. Bobby."

I kept silent. It appears his mom was in Spain at his dad in another city so he stayed for days in the morgue, naked, toe-tagged and cooled to -6'C.

Bobby was tall, lean, beautiful face and outgoing and playful.

We had a great time with him as kids, we swam in the Danube together.

Mom said "No, you are gonna drown" but we escaped and jumped into the river.

It was scary as its one of the biggest rivers in Europe, the current was strong and it could have easily swept us away.

Unfortunately I couldn't go to his funeral. If they had told me earlier I would have gone to the morgue, arranged his funeral, wash him, dress him take pics, suck on his toes - the works.

Jesus, I am sure he was a hot corpse. All my other cousins are fat and ugly.

I love you Bobby mate, RIP I won't forget you and we will be together again one day.

Just waiting for my croak mate.