View Full Version : More than 50 die as floods and mudslides hit Colombia

16-04-11, 09:05 AM

A deadly mudslide in Columbia covered a bus as it was traveling out of the central city area of Manizales. The bus was covered with mud when a hill side slid down upon it and pushed it off the road.

The slide was caused by the massive amounts of rainfall that have been falling on the area recently.

There are possibly more then 14 dead. Rescuers are trying to locate 6 other passengers that are still missing.

The past year has been rough for Colombia as it has experienced widespread flooding taking the lives of over 300 people and causing 2 million to leave their dwellings.

Emergency personnel have been very busy trying to dig out the people who perished in the accident. The bus was totally covered with mud and rocks.

There have been many in Manizales that have been told to leave their homes as a precaution of more mudslides.

This rainy season this year in Colombia has been the worst season in Colombia’s records. It has caused massive flooding and billions of dollars in damage.