View Full Version : SEXcee bearded soldier gets STRANGLED in steamy JUNGLE

21-01-09, 12:16 AM
SO SEXcee, this rank, bearded soldier's STARE is as he gets his windpipe tightened real hard, so no can breathe, so will DIE ...

he knows he is gettin' ACED n' knows that he gonna be jungle ROT manmeat FLY BAIT real soon, oh yah, gonna shoot his WAD now !

I knows I shure AM....just wish I cud snort his rank, riipe, virile turnin' real FERTILE bootFOOT reek, oh yah, that wud be ONE PRIMAL, PRIME scent 'long with his pungent, hairy manPIT death sta-STINK !


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13-03-12, 02:48 PM
one soldier less to feed

14-03-12, 03:17 AM
Is that what they mean by 'monkey on your back'?